Tesla to Add Dashcam Functionality ‘Soon’

TMC Member smorgasbord tipped us off nearly two weeks ago that Tesla is working on a software update to use the front camera to support dashcam functionality. Smorgasbord caught wind of the development at a private reception for Roadster owners during Monterey Car Week that included appearances by President of Global Sales & Service Jon McNeill and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen.

Now, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed on Twitter that an integrated dashcam is “coming soon.”

Tesla’s vehicles are now all equipped with 8 cameras to power its Autopilot features, but to date owners have had to turn to an aftermarket dashcam option like the Blackvue. There’s even been some recent discussion on the forum regarding options for a dahshcams.

When Tesla manages to roll out functionality, it will likely be a big blow to those aftermarket offerings.

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