Three Teslas Offered in Raffle to Raise $1M for Climate Action, Further Carbon Pricing at State Level

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post from non-profit organization Climate XChange, an educational and research group dedicated to providing policymakers and advocates with cutting edge information on market-based solutions to climate change.

Climate XChange is holding its third Tesla raffle, but this time they will be giving away THREE brand new Teslas, significantly increasing the odds of putting a new car in your driveway. Last year’s event was a huge success and the group expects the raffle this year will be even more popular, given the broad interest in and outstanding reviews for the Model 3.

The Grand Prize will be drawn on New Year’s Day. The winner will receive their choice of a Tesla vehicle – Model S, Model X, or Model 3 Performance. Second and Third prizes are a Model 3 with AWD and long-range battery, and a Model 3 with standard battery, respectively.

The Grand Prize winner will pick the model, color, and options for their new Tesla.

What’s more, Climate XChange will also pay the prize taxes. Here’s something most people don’t know about raffles: If you win, the value of your prize is considered income by the IRS, and you don’t receive anything until you pay withholding taxes on its value. So the team over at Climate XChange has thought about this and decided to also pay for the taxes associated with the car prizes. And the winners will be eligible for the $3,750 Federal EV tax credit and any applicable state EV credits or rebates.

With a total prize pool of over $260,000, and with only 4,000 tickets sold, the odds of winning are pretty great.

But besides a chance to win the car of your dreams with taxes paid, this raffle is also intended to raise funds for an important cause. Climate XChange is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with a mission to provide research, education, and advocacy tools to enhance climate resilience within local businesses and communities and to promote carbon pricing and bold leadership on climate change. They operate in their home base of Massachusetts and support carbon pricing efforts in states across the country. Carbon pricing is a proven mechanism that can help move us away from fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to renewables in all sectors of our economy, while also boosting innovation and job growth, and improving public health.

By purchasing a ticket you will be supporting Climate XChange’s very important mission, while at the same time getting a chance to win one of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the market. So even if you don’t win a car, you still win!

Tickets available are limited so get yours today – and good luck!

Note: Climate XChange is neither affiliated with nor sponsored by Tesla, Inc., although we love them!


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Jan 17, 2013
Cambridge, MA
As the original post notes, this is Climate XChange's third Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle. I am a Board Member of this 501(c)3 nonprofit that is working to address climate change through carbon pricing at the state level, and awareness, advocacy and resiliency planning for businesses at the local level. Please buy a ticket which will help us in our efforts, and could win you one of THREE Teslas! Tickets on sale at until 12/31/18 or we sell out of the 4000 available.

Get your tickets soon - we're not even three weeks in and already closing on ticket 1000...

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