Tesla Co-Founder Martin Eberhard On EV Growth: Video

Every year electric cars get better and better

CNBC had the recent opportunity to speak with Tesla co-founder and former CEO Martin Eberhard. He spoke on topics like the future of electric car growth, Tesla and how much has changed in the EV field.

Martin Eberhard noted that global plug-in EV sales reached about 2% market share. Additionally, he says there is a big move in China as the country promotes EVs more aggressively than other countries.

Tesla remains one of several companies that offer only electric cars. Other manufacturers have a tough time because they need to figure out how to conduct the transition and finance the development of electric cars from shrinking sales of ICE.

The main conclusion is that every year electric cars are improving. Tesla initially started with a 2-seat sports car, then moved to a full-size sedan. Now, Tesla is trying to succeed in the mid-size premium segment with the Model 3. The market offer gradually expands and covers new segments, which will further increase sales.

Check out what Eberhard has to say in the video interview above.

This article originally appeared on Inside EVs.

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