Tesla’s V3 Supercharger Rollout Highlighted With New Las Vegas Station

Tesla unveiled last week a new Supercharger station in Las Vegas that gives us an idea of what to expect for the future of charging stations. 

Located at at Ceaser’s Palace, the station has 24 Supercharger V3 stalls, 15 level 2 destination charge points, and is capable of serving 1,500 Tesla owners a day.  

The site supports Ceasers’ goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 30% by 2025.  

The station features the new version of the Supercharger, which is capable of a charge rate of 250 kW.

The station is also out fitted with solar panels and battery storage, which helps offset the cost and increases the amount of charge enabled by renewable energy.

Tesla’s network of currently counts more than 13,000 Superchargers and the company hopes to double that number of the next year.