Why TuxMat is a Preferred Accessory for Model 3 Owners

It is in the nature of the EV industry to always be seeking innovative ideas, and to focus on constant evolution. How can a vehicle be faster, cheaper, safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable? TuxMat Inc. makes a unique product that has the ability to keep up with the ever-evolving EV market.

It is in TuxMat’s nature to be aligned with change, as they are always quick to add the newest vehicle models to their roster of custom-fit car mats.

TuxMat was the first car accessories company to release Tesla Model 3 custom-fit mats, and they have remained Model 3 drivers’ first choice for many reasons.

Purchasing a Tesla is a smart investment. If you frequent this forum you already know that. Investing in a Tesla gives you the luxury of maximizing on efficiency, like saving on gas costs, gas emissions, and time spent filling up at a station. TuxMat offers a way to protect your investment. TuxMat produces quality products with a long lifespan, and are not disposable like standard seasonal mats, making them cost efficient. And the clean up of TuxMat only requires a quick wipe down with a cloth and water, making it equally as efficient on time and energy.

With laser scan technology, TuxMat takes the scanning data of your car floor to produce custom-fit mats that mold to your car like a second skin. TuxMat’s method of development is particularly beneficial to EV drivers. Due to their lack of a transmission, these new-age cars have flat floors, so conventional car mats aren’t cutting it. This is a key reason why Model 3 owners are choosing TuxMat for precise fitting mats that provide them with maximum coverage, efficiency, extra safety features, and added luxury for their EV.

TuxMat is also engineered for utmost safety on the road because of three defining features. The mold of the mats are specific to your vehicle floor, and the high reaching walls of the mats ensure that they fit snug in you car. They are also reinforced by retention hooks and side security clips, and the anti-slip bottom layer material provides maximum security. A headlining feature of the Model 3 is that it prioritizes safety and strength, with the ability to endure four times its own mass in crush-testing, according to its online profile on tesla.com. So, installing TuxMat into your Model 3 will supplement its ample passenger protection.

The desire to heighten driver experience is also one of Tesla’s goals. Thanks to self-driving and carefully designed interiors, comfort has become characteristic of Tesla vehicles. TuxMat’s inner composition of an EVA middle layer is a feature designed to make them extra pliable and comfortable, adding to the overall driver experience.

TuxMat suits Tesla well, and attracts Tesla drivers because of their similar visions for innovation, efficiency, safety and comfort. For those looking to compliment their Model 3 with a set of TuxMat, please visit tuxmat.com.

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