Tesla’s V10 Software to Get Spotify, Hulu

Software notes for Tesla’s 2019.32.10 version reveal that Spotify and Hulu are coming to the car’s entertainment options. 

Twitter user Tesla_Truth published the notes to Twitter on Thursday.

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk also tweeted that the highly-anticipated software update is being deployed to all owners in the U.S. that have the Full Self-Drive option in their vehicle and “Advanced Download” option selected in their car. Owners without the Full Self-Drive option will get the update next week.

Tesla drivers will need a Spotify Premium account to use the the service in their vehicle.

Release notes for the V10 software update were delivered earlier this month to members of Tesla’s Early Access Program. The notes teased new features mostly designed for fun, such as streaming video and games. But, Tesla watchers expect an improved version of Autopilot to also be included in the wide release.

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