Tesla Releases New Video As Model Y Deliveries Kick Off

Let’s take a look at the new Tesla promotional video about the Model Y – from production to the final product

In recent days, Tesla started deliveries of its latest electric car – the Model Y – ahead of schedule. The company celebrates the milestone with a new and quite enjoyable video.

The Model Y is expected to be the best selling Tesla ever and it will be produced on three continents (besides California now, also in China and Germany in the future).

We strongly believe it will turn out to be more versatile than the smaller Model 3, and probably is also more refined, generally speaking.

As deliveries progress, there should be a flood of Model Y reviews, which will take us through all the details inside out. However, already today we can say that it’s a huge accomplishment.

The important thing is that Tesla’s electric premium crossover/SUV will be a point of reference for other new models, like the very promising Ford Mach-E.

This article originally appeared on Inside EVs.


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Dec 8, 2017
Aspen, CO
I see a lot of footage in snow. Have they fixed a few of the things that make my Model S a little...problematic in winter? By far the biggest problem is the frameless windows that freeze shut so they can't retract when you open the door. It still sort of works, but the glass hits the chrome trim when I close the door. I'm just waiting for the day when the window shatters. Does the Y have frameless windows too? I haven't been able to tell by looking at it.

More minor things: the distance sensors get clogged with snow, and I get an endless stream of warnings about unavailable driver assistance features. The felt liners in the wheel wells tend to get destroyed by built-up snow and ice.

I admit that I'm a little more sensitive to these things than most, since I park outside and live in a place with 6 months of winter. Mostly I love the car, but there are times (like when the window gets trapped outside the weatherstripping and I have to pound on it while slamming the door) that I think, "You know, maybe I should send this car to live with a loving family in a warmer place..."
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Aug 8, 2018
Chicago, IL
Saw this on my commute home yesterday. Likely just got off rail cars in western suburbs of Chicago.



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