TMC Member Shares Model Y Delivery Experience, Photos

TMC Member SilverSmith treated the forum to an up-close look at his Model Y, one of the earliest to be delivered.

Here’s how he described the delivery experience at the Tesla showroom in Salt Lake City, Utah:

We circled around the lot in our 2018 Model 3 and saw no Model Y’s at all! We walk in and tell them that we are expecting to pickup our Model Y and tell them our names. They were expecting us and had everything ready to go. Car was in a bay, cleaned and ready for us. We hand them the check, show insurance evidence, sign about 7 papers and we are allowed to start setting up our phone keys and drive away. We were asked to sign a media waiver and have our picture taken with the delivery guy (maybe he was a manager).

The Model Y was ordered in January, configured in Midnight Silver Metallic, fully loaded with the exception of the white interior and third row seating. It’s a Performance version with Turbine wheels, black interior, and full self driving.

SilverSmith also offered some observations after 12 hours of ownership:

  • There is no HomeLink (our M3 AWD has this included). I think you have to order it for $300 and have it physically installed
  • There is no hatchback shelf, nor a place that you could add one later.
  • The wheels are different sizes on the front/back (wide ones, so this explains why the upgraded wheels take so much of our range, they aren’t only 21″, but also taller and wider).
  • The seats are 3.5″ taller than the M3 (drivers seat).
  • There is no hidden receiver hitch included, but a spot we will be able to add one later.
  • There is wireless charging for two phones. Not as nice as the after market one I have on my M3, but nice to not have to pay for it as an addon.
  • There is a single USB C port under the charging pad that supplies the power. As well as a standard USB for a USB flash stick for Sentry/Dashcam.
  • The rear seat has 6 levels of recline, they are small increments and give you a decent amount.
  • Rear seats are fully powered for releasing, and has two buttons in the trunk to do it remotely. And even the ones on top of the seats are powered.
  • Middle seat can separate from the drive with a latch behind the middle seat. A post sticks out, which is interesting.
  • Power lift gate is fairly basic, opens from the outside like the M3 does. Closes with a button on the lift gate.
  • Trunk is huge, with two under bins. One is very shallow though, but still useful.
  • Compartments on the sides of the trunk are deep and nice for keeping things from rolling around.
  • Second row seat is the same width as the M3 (51 1/4″).
  • There is a significant blue tint to the paint (compared to our M3 of the same color).
  • Panel gaps seem really good, better than our M3.
  • It seems quieter, but then it is a brand new vehicle (compared to our M3).

Check out detailed photos of of SilverSmith’s new Model Y in his post.

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