Supercharger Usage In NA To Exceed Pre-COVID Highs In 2-3 Weeks

Superchargers are getting busier again.

Elon Musk wrote today that the Tesla Supercharger usage soon should not only be back to pre-COVID-19 levels but exceed previous highs within 2-3 weeks.

That’s very positive news as we believe it’s highly related to the gradual return of life and the economy to a more normal mode.

“North American Supercharger usage tracking to exceed pre covid highs in 2 to 3 weeks. Lot of noise out there. This is signal.”

In China/Asia, the numbers are already at record levels, but we must add that the number of Tesla cars on the road highly increased too, which might mean that the usage per car is still lower than before.


  • NAM (red): North America
  • EMEA (black): Europe (mostly), Middle East, Africa
  • China (grey): China
  • APAC (yellow): Asia Pacific (excluding China)

The number of Tesla Supercharging stations globally is approaching 2,000 (with almost 17,500 individual stalls).

On average, there are almost 9 stalls per station, and in the case of the latest V3 units, they can provide up to 250 kW of power.

This article originally appeared on Inside EVs.


Supporting Member
Supporting Member
Dec 2, 2016
Northern California
Definitely not a normal levels here in the SF Bay Area or maybe we are at the "new normal". You can pull up and immediately plug in at Superchargers even at 5 PM on a week day. Previously there would be 5+ car lines until 9 or 10 PM. And it is not just Tesla's. Traffic reports on the news are few between and Goggle maps are hardly ever showing yellow or red roads.


Apr 4, 2016
I hesitate to say this, but we need to understand.

First, expect that to drop off again when the Covid-19 cases spike again. You can't turn careless humans loose without expecting to infect larger numbers again. However, many of us have learned from the past and may need to enforce things like wearing masks, etc.

Second, the number of superchargers are nowhere near potential capacity. Faster charger rates are a small improvement. The larger improvement will come with FSD. The extension of "summon" will allow us to "tell our Tesla" to go charge, then park itself, away from the active charging stations. Yes, automatic charge stations will be required, and can be implemented to increase each charge station's ability to provide 100% utilization. This will be another motivation to have FSD.

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