Tesla Says Cybertruck Will Be Built at New Factory in Texas

The Cybertruck will be built in Texas.

Tesla announced the site of its next U.S. factory on Wednesday’s Q2 earnings call. Both Austin and Tulsa were finalists for factory that’s expected to bring 5,000 jobs to the state.

Musk said the factory will be built on a 2,000 acre site on the Colorado River. He said construction began last weekend.

Musk said the factory will be “stunning.” He called the campus an “ecological paradise” that will be open to the public.

Giga Texas will build the Cybertruck and Semi, as well as Model Y and Model 3 vehicles for the eastern U.S.

Musk also gave a shoutout to Tulsa. “I was super impressed and we will strongly consider Tulsa for future expansion.”

The Del Valle Independent School District voted this month to approve incentives to lure the automaker to the area. The proposal gives Tesla property tax incentives of $68 million.


Jan 5, 2016
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Dec 16, 2018
Out of curiosity, is it possible/likely that having a factory in TX will have ANY impact on buying a Tesla in TX? If so, in what ways do you think it could change things for Tesla buyers in TX? It's a broad speculative question: any type of impact this TX factory could have on purchasing a Tesla in the state?

I bet they'll be big enough to allow a factory store and get rid of the antiquated dealers laws