Boring Company Shows Off ‘Tunnel Rave’ in Las Vegas Loop

The Boring Company posted a video that gives an updated look at its Las Vegas Convention Center loop.

The video showed a multi-colored light installation pulsing over Tesla vehicles parked underground. In true Vegas fashion, the video was captioned “Tunnel Rave.”

The area shown in the video is expected to be a passenger station. And, it seems the project is coming along. In addition to the strobe lights, it appears there are escalators installed for passengers to reach the station.

Las Vegas recently approved two additional tunnels connecting hotels with the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Boring Company describes the “Loop” as an all-electric, zero-emissions, high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported via compatible Autonomous Electric Vehicles (AEVs) at up to 150 miles per hour through Main Artery Tunnels between stations. AEVs are Tesla vehicles (Model S, 3, and X) that operate autonomously within the Loop system.

Once completed, the 2-mile Convention Center Loop will transport riders beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center free of charge. The $52.5 million Loop is the Boring Company’s first commercial project.

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