Watch: SpaceX Shows Off Starship Test Flight

SpaceX has released a high-quality video of the SN8 Starship high-altitude launch.

The video offers an incredible look at the 12-story-tall spacecraft executing a controlled fall and landing flip maneuver.

The Dec. 9 test was the first time that Starship flew with three Raptor engines. The company previously flew prototypes that reached about 150 meters before a successful landing. The most recent high-altitude test pushed Starship to about 12,00 meters. SpaceX says the final version of Starship will be powered by six Raptor engines. 

The Starship project is significant for SpaceX, as it’s the vehicle that the company plans to haul humans into space and make the long trek to Mars and the moon. Musk has said that Starship could carry as many as 100 people into space.

SpaceX is already readying the SN9 test vehicle at its Boca Chica, Texas facility, signaling that another test is coming soon.

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