Shanghai-Built Model 3 Shipping With Updated Interior

The Shanghai-built Tesla Model 3 has been updated with features including a heated steering wheel.

Tesla’s configurator for orders in China now lists the heated wheel feature as part of a premium interior option for the Model 3 Performance. It’s a feature that many Tesla owners have been asking for and it’s expected the automaker will soon make the feature available as an upgrade for all owners with capable cars.

The Model 3 built in China has also received small interior design updates, such as a new accent on the door panel, as is also the case in new Model Y vehicles produced in China. 

Tesla rolled out a small refresh to the Model 3 in October, which included a new center console, new wheels, and additional range.

Image: Tesla China


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Jul 25, 2016
I still love the original version with chrome trim, shiny center console, and orange top glass.
Perhaps a collector someday.

Jay Leno will need a new eGarage with Solar charging.
Jay, you listening? It's about the "Today Show"...


Feb 2, 2018
Hopefully the steering wheel can be bought and added to the model 3's here. I would buy one if it's not too pricey.


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Oct 2, 2017
UK, Milton Keynes
I think the new door accent panel looks quite good on the black interior (anything to break up the blackness a little!), but I don't see much point on the black & white interior where the door panel below is already in contrasting white.

But I'm surprised they even bothered with this change to be honest. A lot of people complained about the old centre console design, but not so much the door trims. It seems an odd thing to mess about with for no obvious reason while the other "refresh" changes seemed to be the result of customer feedback. I would have welcomed the heated steering wheel for sure!
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