Tesla Introduces Lower-Price Model Y

Tesla is now offering a cheaper version of the Model Y crossover priced at $43,190. The price comes in as $4,000 more than the base Model 3.

The new variant will offer an estimated 244 miles of range, about 100 miles less than the Long Range version. The Standard Range Model Y will also feature a single motor and rear-wheel drive.

Consumers will have to spend an additional $8,000 for the next step up in the lineup, a dual-motor Long Range variant with a price of $51,190. The Performance version starts at $61,190 including destination.

Tesla says the Standard Range variant will do 0-to-60 mph in 5.3 seconds versus 4.8 seconds for the Long Range and 3.5 seconds for the Performance versions.


Jul 7, 2018
Upstate NY
244 miles is 100 less than the range of the current Long Range Model Y? 344 miles range? I don't think anyone pretends that the LR gets anything beyond 310-320. Am I wrong?