Tesla Shows Off Updated Semi in New Video

Tesla demonstrated in a new video that an all-electric big rig can produce impressive performance. 

The video shows the upcoming Tesla Semi zooming around a test track. The Semi is capable of going 0-60 in 5 seconds without a trailer and within 20 seconds loaded with 80,000 pounds. Tesla watchers have reported that Tesla intends to use its homegrown higher density battery packs for the project. 

The prototype used in the video featured a white exterior and tweaks to the body like new doors and windows. 

While the Tesla Semi has been delayed, Tesla is reportedly ramping up efforts on the project with a hopes to start early production by summer 2021.

Tesla is expected to build the Semi’s battery and powertrain in Nevada, while the rest of the Semi build will take place at the company’s upcoming Giga Texas in Austin.

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