Tesla Surprises Customers with Increased Solar Roof Price

The price for Tesla’s solar roof has unexpectedly raised on existing orders.

TMC member nicholb posted that his installation cost jumped by about $20,000. And, TMC member Shinta saw his cost increase by $30,000. 

“I’ve had a solar roof reservation since March 2020 (in MN),” nicholb wrote. “My purchase agreement was signed in April 2020. Today I got the note below which shows a new agreement which is just about $20k more than the original. No change in the proposed design.”

TMC member marcor’s price increased by $25,000. And, that was enough for him to “pull the plug” on the project. “Needless to say, while I can probably afford what they are asking, out of principal this is unacceptable,” he wrote.

In addition to vehicles, Tesla has a large energy business, which consists of solar products and battery storage. The solar roof product uses solar shingles to generate electricity for a home.

The company reported that during the fourth quarter of 2020, it installed 86 mega-watts of solar energy, a 59 percent increase year over year. Tesla said it installed 205 MW of solar energy, an increase of 18 percent over the previous year. 

Tesla has a history of price fluctuation. For instance, earlier this month the Model 3 sedan received its fourth pricing change. That said, a $30,000 increase on a solar installation is certainly an unwelcome surprise to customers who have an agreement in place.

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