Cybertruck Makes Appearance at Giga Texas

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk showed off the highly-anticipated Cybertruck Thursday to employees at the Texas factory where it’s slated to be built. He even got a little mud on the tires.

Photos of the hulking raw-metal truck with its unique angular body-styling were shared across various social media platforms. The truck on display appeared to be the same prototype that was first unveiled in 2019, rather than the production version.

Employees at the factory gathered around the truck to get an up-close view of the truck, including an interior resembling the Model S refresh with a yoke steering wheel and a 17-inch screen on the dash.


Musk acknowledged his appearance at the factory, saying he actually drove the Cybertruck around the ongoing construction.

Tesla is currently staffing up at its factory near Austin, Texas where the company plans to build the Model Y, Cybertruck, and Semi. Musk has said the plant will need 10,000 employees through 2022.

Musk reportedly dodged questions about whether the Cybertruck would be manufactured in 2021, saying that the focus of Giga Austin will be Model Y production to start.


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