Musk Wants to Speed Up Efforts at Giga Berlin

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk is getting antsy about the automaker’s currently-under-construction factory in Berlin.

Tesla had hoped to start production at the factory in July, but that timeline has been pushed to the end of the year. Tesla has had several starts and stops during the construction of Giga Berlin, some of which can be contributed to the need to navigate regulations in Germany.

Musk visited the construction site this week and shared some grumbles about its progress.

“There should be some kind of active process for removal of rules,” Musk said, according to Reuters. “Otherwise, over time, the rules will just accumulate and you get more and more rules until eventually, you can’t do anything.”

Musk took to Twitter to encourage suppliers to increase their efforts. “Giga Berlin suppliers please accelerate!” he said.

Musk also outlined some lofty goals Giga Berlin, which will start producing the Model Y SUV. Musk said Tesla aims for a higher standard of engineering. 

“Aiming for extreme precision with next gen Model Y – microns, not millimeters,” the CEO tweeted.

In addition to the factory in Germany, Tesla is also building a factory for Model Y and Cybertruck vehicles in Texas.

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