Tesla Recalling Model 3, Model Y Vehicles for Seatbelt Issues

Tesla said Thursday it’s recalling more than 5,000 vehicles in the U.S. for seatbelt issues.

The company said 5,530 vehicles, including 2018-2020 Model 3 sedans and 2019-2021 Model Y SUVs, could have faulty fasteners securing the front shoulder belt to the b-pillar. Another recall impacts 2,166 Model Y vehicles from 2019-2021 due to faulty fasteners for the second-row seat belt retractors.

From March through April 2021, Tesla conducted an expanded failure analysis with a review of historical assembly and repair records of other Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to confirm the suspected root cause. In May 2021, the Factory Team completed the field study and torque record review, confirming the suspected root cause and potentially affected population.

In a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla offered a description of cause:

During assembly, if the operator could not achieve the specified torque and
angle requirements while securing either fastener that secures the shoulder
belt top loop to the b-pillar, then, per standard protocol, a non-conformance
was generated that required subsequent manual inspection and repair of the
fastener. During this inspection, the fastener may not have been confirmed to
be secured to the correct specification. 

Tesla said it will inspect and replace fasteners on vehicles with the issue. 


Dec 6, 2018
The wording was "not properly attached." That implies that hardware is fine.

Could be under-torqued (leading to loosening.) Could be over-torqued (leading to weakening.) Could be torqued fine, but failed to include an additive to lock the threads. Or failed to include a lock bolt to prevent loosening.

I have no idea, really, I'm just firing off random possibilities. But I'm glad that, whatever it is, they pegged that something wasn't quite right, identified the possibly affected cards, and are recalling/checking them.

This is the kind of attention to detail I care about. (Not the minor cosmetic stuff some people whine about that I need to go looking for to even notice.)


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Nov 15, 2016
Behind you
The wording was "not properly attached." That implies that hardware is fine.

This can also be found under TSB# 1234 as the following:

Title: "Bob Recall"
Description: "Bob had a bad Friday and messed up a bunch of the cars going out."
Resolution: "Recall all cars Bob touched last Friday"
Follow Up Action: "Talk to Bob....again"


Jan 23, 2015
San Jose. CA
I have a 2018 and have had my driver's side seat belt attachment point on the B pillar come loose to the point of falling off and my seat belt disconnect. I drove straight to the SC and had them look at it. They disassembled the B pillar and reconnected everything and then reassembled the interior componetns. It all worked as good as new after that. I wonder if mine was one that may had had an issue with under tightening the seat belt mount.