Video Shows Machines Running at Giga Texas

Tesla’s factory near Austin – Giga Texas – is showing life, with production equipment installed and being tested. 

Videos have been posted online of the Giga Press machine production robots in operation.

Twitter user @DriveTeslaCa posted the clip, which showed the robots moving inside the factory. There have been other sightings of the company’s Giga Press machine and casts of the Model Y it has produced.

Giga Texas will first start producing the Model Y. However, it will also be home to Cybertruck production. Tesla, and consumers with Cybertruck pre-orders, are anxious for the Texas factory to be finished. The company hopes it will be finished by the end of the year.

With Tesla already testing machines on the floor, it may not be long before the company can start producing vehicles. Tesla’s newest factory in Shanghai was able to go from machine installation to production in a few months.