Check Out the Model S Yolk Steering Wheel in Action

When images of a Tesla Model S Plaid with a yoke steering wheel first emerged, reactions were a mix of “that’s cool!” and “that’s ridiculous.”

Now that the first Plaid cars are hitting the streets, owners are posting early reviews of the driving experience.

In short, there’s a bit of a learning curve. Driving without a round steering wheel is not natural. There was a similar reaction when Tesla moved its speedometer from behind the steering wheel to the center display. 

TMC member omarsultan posted a video on the forum of his experience with the steering wheel after 72 hours with the car.

In the video, omarsultan takes the car through a variety of turns to demonstrate the experience.

“Stop trying to use round wheel steering techniques and embrace the yolk,” omarsultan advises in the video.

“I know yolks are not going to be for everyone, but I definitely think give it a try,” he added.

Check out the video here.

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