SpaceX Shows Off New Drone Ship

SpaceX has a new drone ship in its fleet.

Chief Executive Elon Musk shared a video last week of the new rocket landing pad dubbed “A Shortfall of Gravitas.”

SpaceX has two other drone ships – Just Read The Instructions and Of Course I Still Love You. The semi-autonomous, floating landing pads have so far been used for 76 booster recovery attempts and 66 successful landings. A Shortfall of Gravitas appears to have a different design, interestingly sleeker than others in the fleet. 

Musk also said that A Shortfall of Gravitas will be the company’s first fully-autonomous drone ship, enabling it to capture rocket boosters without human intervention.

The new ship will live in Florida to support Atlantic launches of Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 rockets. It’s expected to arrive at Port Canaveral on Thursday evening, July 15th.