Tesla Releases Subscription Option for FSD

Tesla has started offering a subscription service for its Full Self-Driving package.

The automaker typically charges $10,000 for the most advanced version of its Autopilot technology. The subscription service would give owners access for $199 a month and just $99 a month for owners who have upgraded to Enhanced Autopilot.

To be eligible for FSD capability subscriptions, the vehicle must have an FSD computer installed. Owners with older Tesla vehicles can upgrade the computer to meet the FSD requirements.

Owners can cancel their FSD subscription at any time from the Tesla app or their Tesla Account. Monthly subscription payments will not be prorated. After cancellation is processed, owners continue to have FSD features for the remainder of the billing period.

It will be interesting to see if the subscription option encourages owners to give FSD a try. And it will be more interesting to see how many owners Tesla is able to convert to buying FSD outright.


Apr 25, 2021
Was checking my Tesla app and noticed that FSD subscription is now available for $199.00 a month. Does anyone know if you will be able to subscribe/un-subscribe with ease? Would be nice to use on long trips for a week or 2 a year, but I I don't plan on needing it or wanting to use it on my regular weekly commutes... at least at the $199/month fee.
I see it too. Was not there few hours back. Should be straight forward to unsubscribe. I hope so :)


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Mar 10, 2016
$99/mo on my Model S with HW3/Enhanced Autopilot.

Looks to be $199/mo for those with base Autopilot.



Jun 14, 2019
Philadelphia PA
Check your app messages. 10:17 est. 199 per month for fsd subscription. I got the notice and a button to subscribe. I wonder if it's cancel anytime... sorry if there's already a post on this... just sharing.

El joe

Jan 29, 2019
SF Bay Area, CA
Actually seems reasonable to me compared to paying $10k upfront to try it out. At $200/month, it’d take 50 months of payments to equal the upfront cost, which has been rumored to climb to $14k soon.
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Apr 3, 2019
Is this bugged for anyone else who bought base AP after delivery?

2019 SR+. Bought AP for $3k around April 2019. Autopilot is still listed in my vehicle's details, but the FSD subscription button says:

Autopilot Purchase Required
Autopilot is a pre-requisite for Full Self-Driving Capability; after you purchase Autopilot, your vehicle will be eligible for the Full Self-Driving Capability subscription.
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Mar 24, 2021
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

The price is reasonable for when I am going to be doing a long highway vacation trip, so Tesla gains a Beta tester (their goal) and I don't have to pay $10,000 to be a beta tester! I will be subscribing next month before I make the drive down to Florida, up to North Carolina, and then back west to Arkansas.

For me I’m debating to pay $10k and refund for my road trip from Philly to Greenville, SC in August one-way for free. Or pay $199 so I can have FSD for an entire month and use it for the full round-trip.

$100 each way is about what I’m saving in gas. So now the Tesla isn’t really saving money, but it is still making my road experience a bit more comfortable.
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