8 Things You’ll Stop Doing with PPF

There’s a lot you don’t have to worry about or suffer through when you upgrade your Tesla’s factory finish with SunTek ® paint protection film. It’s truly a modern marvel, able to help protect your paint for years, help preserve resale or trade-in value, and make washing a breeze. To make the full benefits of PPF more real, we’ve compiled a list of 8 things you can stop doing with PPF.

Parking Far, Far Away
Of course, you don’t do this because you’re an anti-social hermit. You do it because there are distracted people out there, and you share parking lots with them. PPF gives you the confidence to park conveniently close to your destination because it adds an extra layer of protection from everyday wear and tear. It may be virtually invisible, but PPF is a powerful way to help keep your paint as pristine as possible.

Cursing at Roosting Birds
Seem like something only an unhinged person would do? Consider this: when you park under a tree, light post or awning, a bird above could unload on your Tesla. This is not OK, especially if that bird’s last meal was mulberries and your Tesla is white. Fortunately, PPF helps protect against staining from corrosives including bird bombs, brake dust and tar, so you won’t be inspired to shout insults at wildlife – or inanimate objects.

Steering Clear of Gravel
If you care about your finish, you’re always on the lookout for gravel. Gravel parking lots, sideroads, shoulders, and even flower beds can wreak havoc on your finish. PPF lets you use the headspace allocated to gravel radar for something new. Any SunTek product helps protect against flying rocks, and SunTek Ultra Defense helps more. It’s a thicker PPF made to stand strong, with higher impact resistance.

Resenting the Neighbor Kids
With PPF, you can stop wincing when the neighbor kids get too close to your Tesla with their wobbly bikes, riveted jeans, swinging bags, and other potential scratch-causers. SunTek PPF self-heals accidental surface scratches with heat from your engine or the sun. This includes swirl marks too, so maybe someday you’ll consider hiring one of the neighbor kids to wash your Tesla. Maybe.

Avoiding Back Roads at Night
You can get millions – or what seems like millions – of bugs splattered on your car when you take less-traveled roads after dark. Fat moths, juicy lovebugs and more tiny-brained insects head for your Tesla’s headlights and end up as sticky goo plastered all over your front end. Without PPF, you’d get a sore arm scrubbing your car clean. Premium PPF has a slick, hydrophobic coating so bug guts slide right off easily.

Collecting and Rejecting Products
There are too many products to count, all made to satisfy your need for a finish with glossy perfection: waxes, shine enhancers, paint sealants, wipes for bird excrement, car covers and more. Stop trying them all and wishing they were better. Get PPF instead. It’s finish protection with a deep shine that beads water, resists stains, and can actually make it a joy to wash your car. But you won’t need to do that as often with PPF.

Obsessing Over Blue Book Value
It used to be a given that your factory-fresh car would lose significant value the minute you drove it off the lot. But Teslas have bucked the trend, especially the Model 3. Which is great news! But can also cause anxiety about holding your value. Ease your mind with PPF, which can be peeled away to reveal a like-new finish whenever you’re ready to part with your Tesla.

Hair Checks in the Rearview
The tiny rectangle of reflective glass attached to your windshield only shows a fraction of your scalp at a time. So, your hair could still end up looking weird, even though you tried to prevent it. Do yourself a favor and get PPF. It keeps you and your car looking sharp, giving your finish an enviable, deeply glossy shine that reflects whatever is nearby. This creates a much larger, helpful mirror when you’re last-minute prepping to impress. It’s also kind of cool if you like taking artsy photos.

Maybe that last one was a stretch – but still, the point is made. PPF isn’t just finish protection for
your Tesla. It’s a way to enhance your enjoyment of the road and improve the quality of life, in
lots of small but meaningful ways. If you already knew and have something to add to our list,
please share it in the comments.

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