SpaceX Adds 51 Satellites to Starlink Constellation

SpaceX delivered late Monday another 51 of its Starlink satellites into orbit.

The mission took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 8:55 p.m. PT. The Falcon 9 rocket used in the mission made its tenth flight. SpaceX successfully recovered the rocket on one of its drone ships.

SpaceX now counts some 1,800 Starlink satellites as part of its constellation beaming broadband internet back to earth. The company said last month that 100,000 terminals have been shipped to early customers, while it has received orders for around 500,000 units.

Monday’s mission was the first launch for the Starlink program to take place on the west coast. The company hopes to expand the network to new regions, including Northern Canada and parts of Northern Europe. Eventually, the company hopes to grow the constellation to around 30,000 satellites to cover the entire world.

Watch SpaceX’s broadcast of the launch below.

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