Tesla Rolls Out FSD Beta 10.1

Tesla’s highly-anticipated Beta version 10.1 of its Full Self-Driving software started rolling out over the weekend to mostly positive reviews.

The new version of the software adds a feature many owners have been waiting for – an option to request access to the FSD Beta software. While the beta version has only been available to a limited number of testers, it seems Tesla will be opening up the program. This will result in more miles driven with FSD engaged, offering Tesla a larger pool of data to improve the product.

Some testers of 10.1 pointed to improvements in the visualization and found slight improvements in the car’s approach to obstacle avoidance.

Chief Executive Elon Musk had touted the improvements as “mind blowing,” but that does not seem to be the sentiment among owners.

The update does not bring Tesla to its goal of a fully autonomous vehicle. Drivers will occasionally need to take control. FSD is sold in the U.S. for $10,000 upfront, or $199 a month.

While Tesla continues to be bullish on its promise of self-driving technology, federal vehicle safety authorities have launched an investigation into the safety of the system.

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