Meet GridShift – A New App from Silicon Valley Clean Energy

Silicon Valley Clean Energy has a brand new app available for Tesla drivers in Santa Clara County, optimizing for the cheapest and greenest energy available – while making sure your car is charged by the time you need it.

Automatically aligns charging with renewable energy generation

GridShift will automatically align your EV charging to start at the optimal time, either when renewable energy is most available or by avoiding peak strain times on the grid.

Tracks your live energy cost

The GridShift app tracks the energy, cost, and carbon impact of all your EV charging at home and on the go. You can toggle between daily, weekly and monthly views to easily track your energy usage and off-peak savings.

Wirelessly connects to a wide range of vehicles and selected chargers

Teslas are included in the wireless connectivity alongside Volkswagen, Jaguar, Land Rover and ChargePoint chargers. Additional vehicle integrations are coming soon.

Exclusive invitations to join events to earn additional rewards and bill credits

What’s even better is Gridshift will alert you to plug in on days with particularly abundant renewable generation, and reward you for cleaner charging.

Free-to-use app for iPhone and Android

All you have to do is download the app and connect to your car. Savings will vary based on your electricity rate.