Our mission is to build and nurture an online international community for all those interested in Tesla, from the novice to the expert. In doing so we aim to solve the needs of the community by providing tools that facilitate communication, sharing of information, and exchanges. Formed in 2006, Tesla Motors Club (TMC) was the first independent online Tesla community. Today it remains the largest and most dynamic international community of Tesla owners and enthusiasts.

TMC was started in August of 2006 by Daniel Sacks, who at the time had just graduated high school and was deeply interested in both high performance vehicles and alternative energy. When Tesla unveiled the roadster, Daniel felt that Tesla Motors Inc. and its Roadster were special, and that a place was needed to discuss both Tesla Motors and the future of electric cars. And so he started TMC as a discussion forum.

In 2007 Douglas King joined TMC’s moderator team. Doug later became the head moderator and took it upon himself to put together a excellent team of moderators, while maintaining and improving the functionality of the website. In 2013, Daniel officially brought Doug on as a fellow manager of the organization. Since then, Daniel and Doug have continued to work on improving the website and providing useful tools for its community members, while putting on an annual in person conference called TMC Connect.

Daniel Sacks (danny) – Founder and Administrator

Responsibilities include: guiding the evolution of TMC; directing development of UI/UX and software features; community administration and user assistance; accounting and finance; partnership development; management of website and conference sponsors and advertising; design and development of conference website; a key organizer of TMC Connect conference.

Daniel has a background in Psychology. His interests include biopsychology, philosophy, alternative transportation, and technology.

Douglas King (doug) – Administrator and Head Moderator

Responsibilities include: system administration; design and development of TMC server setup; technical manager; management of the TMC Blog and its content; setting TMC standards, policies, and rules; ultimate manager of TMC moderation; organizes the TMC Connect conference.

Doug King holds advanced degrees in applied physics.

Douglas George (Doug_G) – Lead Moderator

Responsibilities include: building and maintenance of  team of moderators; implementation of TMC’s policies and rules; moderation related decision making.

Doug George is a professional engineer from Ottawa, Ontario, who runs a small company that makes scientific imaging systems. When the original Tesla Roadster came on the market he made the expensive error of test driving one. His first Tesla was a Fusion Red Roadster, followed two years later by a Signature Model S P85. Today he drives a Model S 100D. Doug’s hobbies are astronomical imaging and racing cars.