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Authorized PPF Installer for Suntek & Xpel - Tesla Model 3, Model X, Model S and beyond

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Lorenzo Tint has been in business since 1981

Protection of your Tesla investment starts with a Clear Film Technology we call Paint Protection Film which provides a barrier to STONES, BUGS, BIRD DROPPINGS and even other ROAD DEBRIS that may strike the surface and would otherwise cause damage. If you’re relying only on a high-quality wax or sealant — these products are just not enough for the real world! North east and urban conditions require the strength of protection film. They even offer reliable abrasion resistance from another car rubbing against your bumpers!

They can seriously shorten the length of time your car will look fresh like new and free from contaminants. The easiest Tesla to wash and wax is a Tesla that has been properly protected. Once the coating of Xpel Paint Protection Film, or Suntek Paint Protection Film, you’ll be confident that no foreign particles or contaminants are going to be able to harm or embed themselves into your paint.

All you’ll see is beautiful paint, and gloss, but it will be highly protected.

Lorenzo Tint has been installing Suntek and Xpel paint protection films since they were first introduced to the market in 2011.