SunTek® Paint Protection Film

Get Road Ready. Get SunTek.

Keep your Tesla’s finish looking like it did on delivery.

SunTek Paint Protection Film adds a strong, optically clear layer of defense to your Tesla’s exterior without altering appearance. It’s engineered to stand up to extreme conditions and everyday threats to a Tesla’s flawless finish.

Advanced Technology

Every SunTek PPF product has the power to heal itself with heat from an engine or the sun, repairing damage from rocks, salt, road debris and swirl marks. Our proprietary HydroResist™ top coat limits accumulation of surface dirt and moisture to repel stains from insects and more.

Precision Installation

TruCut™ pattern-cutting software powers SunTek paint protection film’s precision fit. It’s offered exclusively to our dealer network  and ensures a precisely calibrated fit for your Tesla’s make, model and year.

Dealers Nationwide

Find a SunTek PPF Dealer near you. Ask them about Tesla-specific coverage recommendations, matte or gloss finish, and the manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty for PPF Ultra products.