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Let the mods begin...our new MYLR

Thought I would document the changes to our new MYLR purchased the end of March. We were gone for the past 3 weeks, so this week is really my first week behind the wheel. I'm 68, and have always been a car guy, and still am. I have been fortunate enough to have had several articles published in au...


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Compiled List of Tesla Option/Production/Manufacturing/ Codes

Coming off of the red brake calipers issue, I became newly interested in Tesla options codes. Over the years there have been a number of TMC posts about such codes, and there are several websites that provide Tesla code translations...


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This is how important the 60 foot time is for the 1/4 mile

Everyone is wondering how much better the Model 3 Performance time can get with the new vehicle. This post will attempt to show how impactful a very small decrease in 60 foot time can be for your total 1/4 mile time. I have 4 separate runs down the same lane of the same track with my 2022 Model 3 Pe...


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Entire Supercharging Team Fired?

News yesterday is that the entire 500+ person word-wide SC team has been let go. That is alarming. Why would Elon sack the execs and all the employees of this important part of Tesla's business? Could Tesla be selling the SC network off to a third party? Opinions? Other theories?



Tesla 3 Highland Nova wheels without trim

Someone asked a while back to see what the new Nova wheels look like without the aero trim pieces.
Took them all off for ceramic coating this weekend, and thought to take some photos to save people the annoying task of removing them all.
Personally, I will be putting the trim pieces back on. But wit...


Confirmed 8,000+ Cybertrucks produced so far (VINs seen in person on 4/21/24)

Went to Tesla Plano TX inventory lot.
There were 33 Cyber Trucks parked, all were fixed with Riveted Acceleration Pedal.
Infact they were fixing it while I was there but did not allow to take pictures or Video.

I saw beasts with Vin in range of 500X
Dual Motor with 80XX range and lot of them in 79X...


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An interesting journey last night

Picking my son and 3 of his friends up from Gatwick yesterday. Had been a bit out during the day so car charge was down a bit and while plugged in at home it didn't quite get to a level I wanted it before I had to leave. Technically I should have been able to make the trip there and back with 8% spa...


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March of 9s: The Beginning of the End

I have had enough experience now with FSD 12 to say that in my opinion, I believe Ashok is correct:

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I would also stress we are at the beginning of the end. That is, we will hopefully now start to see significant improvement with the "known FSD iss...


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1 Year Used Tesla Model 3 Review

I’m a little overdue for this review and it may not be fully comprehensive of all my thoughts, but here it is… My 1st year review of purchasing and owning a Used Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Order Date: Feb 8, 2023
Delivery Date: Feb 27, 2023
Odometer at time of Purchase: 30562
Miles Driven Since Pur...



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2013 Model S Large drive unit (LDU) repaired

I want to share my recent experience in hopes that it may help some of you save money and get a proper repair.

I own a 2013 Model S 85 with 123k miles, way out of warranty now.

Noise and issues with Tesla diagnosis:

About 2 months ago my car started making a tapping noise as I drove at lower spee...



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Q & A - Gigafactory Berlin Grünheide - Protests & Expansion Construction

I have recently written an article about the expansion and protests at the Gigafactory 4 - Berlin Brandenburg. It was also published by Cleantechnica today.
The background: The area was close, i deci...



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04.08.2024 - Solar output... Ooops, I forgot :)

So this afternoon I was looking at my solar performance (So happy with the TeslaPowerwall and solar setup!)
In the morning I was thinking that today would be a great day to monitor production since the forecast was for absolutely cloudless skies and mild temperatures. Getting closer to the sun's pe...



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