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Tesla Model S - Parking assist failure fixed for free

If you recieved this message it could have more reasons:
1. Failed parking sensor - tesla service menu shows you which sensor is problematic
2. Failed Parking Module
3. Broken wiring harness (my case)
Check with this picture which sensor is in error:
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SpaceX Starship - IFT-3 - Starbase TX - Launch Thread and Post Launch Discussion

Launch Date: March 14
Launch Window: 7:00 am CDT (9:00 am EST, 13:00 UTC)
Launch site: LC-1 - Starbase, Boca Chica Beach, Texas
Core Booster Recovery: Expended in Gulf with a landing burn
Starship Recovery: A controlled reentry through the atmosphere to a terminal velocity splashdown in the Indian O...


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adizon's M3P build thread

Hello everyone. In this thread I hope to document my Model 3 Performance Build.

Here's is day one of me picking up my M3P in Burbank CA at the end of January, Flying in from SFO since inventory was nearly gone in Northern CA

But before we get too far into the actual M3P build...


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F-150 Lightning Thoughts

I traded in my Model 3 for an F-150 Lightning (Lariat trim level). I still have my old Model S. Thought I would provide some unbiased impressions, as I don't favor any one company over another for EVs currently.

I was interested in getting an EV pickup truck. Prior to buying, I was impressed tha...


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Vendor My journey to making a custom sunglass holder for my M3P and Model Y!

Hello everyone, I'm Doug, a long-time Tesla enthusiast and mechanical engineer who enjoys creating things. Throughout my adult life, I've designed engines and even electric skateboards. Also, I am a new vendor on TMC as of today (but I guess my vendor tag is not live yet?)

I like to challenge mysel...


From Y to Audi e-tron: a Comparison

We're a retired couple who decided to consolidate from two cars to one EV. Since my wife didn't like the lack of physical controls and minimalism of my 2020 Model Y, we're trying a 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron - the all-wheel drive version - instead. We don't road trip much and do 99 percent of our charging ...


My Experience Taking my Model Y down to 0%

My 2023 model Y LR 19" stock wheels from Fremont has 17k miles on it, the weather was decent (62F and sunny) so I ran my battery down to 0% (0 miles). I mainly did this to lessen my fears of running out of battery on a road trip.

I started with a full battery (100% charged from home), usually when ...


First Tesla: Model Y Performance 😮

So, took a test drive to help my friend get some referral points. Thought it’ll be a bit of fun, no intentions of buying.

24 hours later I placed the lease order and left my existing lease early… and here we are.

I test drove the LR, but really wanted the performance mostly for aesthetics. But als...



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