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Funny FSD story

Here is a funny FSD story.

I was driving on FSD using my Tesla Model X and I noticed a police officer following me. I actually just let FSD go the exact speed limit so I did not worry about it. I suddenly noticed that he was turning when I turned and finally he pulls me over. I took over manually f...


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Amazon Echo Auto (2nd gen) Installed w/Jowua USB Hub & Tray

Sorry this is quite long.
TLDR: Here is info about a nice and neat little DIY installation of the latest Amazon Echo Auto device into a current (second generation) Model 3/Y console, using the Jowua USB LED Hub and optional matching tray setup.

Happy to entertain discussion about the Echo Auto itse...



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Trip report: Santa Cruz, CA to Lovell, ME

I drove from California to Maine earlier this month in a MYLR, just me and the dog. I don’t know exactly how many miles, how many hours, how many Kwh, how many times I stopped to charge, how much time I spent charging, how much it all cost, or how much carbon I saved. I just know that I got here saf...


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Review: Hankook iON evo AS vs Pirelli AS+ Elect vs Michelin PS 4S vs Michelin PS AS 4

I tested all these tires back to back on either a Tesla Model 3 or Y. I have both a Model 3 and a Model Y (wife’s).

My goal was to have a great handling tire (makes me happy) that can handle the occasional snow, is quiet, and has good range.

For context, I have the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires on...


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Model 3 - All wet and muddy [Salvage - Flood damaged vehicle]

Hi team,

After going through a heap of threads I have decided to post my journey. Hopefully with the help of multiple minds and experience/expertise I will succeed in the end!

I acquired this 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard range plus (single motor) here in New Zealand after a cyclone. The car was bas...


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DIY fix to blower fan clicking noise (Tesla Model 3)

I wanted to share with the community a fix that worked for me to solve blower fan clicking noises.

First, the symptom: The HVAC cabin blower fan emits clicking noises that seem to be coming from the dashboard. The frequency of the clicks gets higher as you increase the speed of the fan. Clicks can ...


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Ford will add NACS to next gen EVs!

Next gen Ford EVs will include NACS port. Also will have a NACS to CCS adapter for existing Ford EVs and will be made compatible with Tesla Superchargers via software update.

Honestly never thought any other automaker would take up NACS so this is very surprising.


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SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 6-4 - SLC-40

Launch Date: June 4
Launch Window: 5:48am EDT (2:48am PDT, 09:48 UTC)
Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), Florida
Core Booster Recovery: ASDS - ASOG
Booster: B1078.3
Fairings: Reused
Mass: 21 Starlink 2.0 mini Satellites
Orbit: LEO
Yearly Launch Number: 37

A Spa...


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Model Y RWD - CATL vs. BYD

Here is some data to compare the just released German BYD strucural pack MY RWD with the Chinese MY RWD with CATL battery pack:



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Taking a long trip to a National Park with no EV charging infrastructure.

So, my kid's Scout Troop had a weekend camping trip planned at a National Park this past weekend, and this was the first long trip I've taken. From my door to the campsite was about 175 miles, and I was kind of nervous about taking a trip to somewhere that didn't have charging infrastructure availab...


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M3LR on Michelin Defender 2

Wrote this up on Reddit, but I think it would be better for it to live here. Aiming to update as I rotate the tires to track performance and this could provide some useful info on these tires.

Living in South Texas and driving mostly highway commutes with a 2022 M3LR that came with Michelin MXM4. ...


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A quick comparison Focal ISU200 vs Hertz MPK165.3 Woofers

The Focal ISU200 is a common upgrade, although I had already installed the Hertz set I wanted to evaluate the Focal.

2 Hour impressions, it's definitely better than stock, but not as clean, low or dynamic as the Hertz.

RWD/SR+ and you don't want to install a sub, the Hertz will give you a bit more...


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For All of Those Who Challenged My Stance Over the Years on OHMMU Batteries

This video does a GREAT job of summarizing the incredibly important reasons to NOT swap the OEM low-volt battery for one of these at any cost, let alone over 2.5x OEM replacement cost.

Even if you subscribe to the "benefits" this touts, none of them apply to a Tesla given the relatively no...


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Replacing the headrest in the model 3/S-Maybe this helps someone

So the head rest in all Tesla's have to be one of the most ridiculous parts of the whole car.

Maybe this post will help someone out there.

They are unadjustable which is complely insane (I have a very tall sitting height)

They are very narrow necessitating one driver position which is very fatigu...



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