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Routine Tesla Service, for professional auto technicians

Here’s an article that was published in the February issue of Motor Age, a magazine for automobile technicians.

Interesting stuff…

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Mileage lower than expected

Hi all, I’m a first time EV owner so apologies if this is a stupid question! I recently bought a Model 3 Long Range with Photon wheels and absolutely love it. However I’m confused about the mileage. On the Tesla website the advertised range is 421 miles. I’m fully aware that in reality I won’t get anywhere near this but when I charge the car to full the actual mileage stated is 344 miles. Then when driving I’m probably only getting about 75% of this. I was expecting to get about 75% of the 421 miles and it just feels a big coincidence that the 344 is exactly the same as the advertised range for the standard range M3. Is this similar to others or have I mistakenly been given the wrong car? Based on the customer service I received from Tesla it wouldn’t surprise me!

Order before March 1 or wait until end of Q1

As the title suggests, I'm debating on pulling the trigger on a MY before the anticipated March 1 "price increase". There's a few considerations I have in mind and wondering what the community thinks I may be missing?

  • I'm not in a rush one way or the other, I can be patient;
  • But I know the MY is for me!
  • Tesla is known to offer end of the quarter incentives, who knows if they'll offer any before end of Q1
  • I realize the best time to buy a Tesla is now
  • Inventory deals look pretty good now
What are your predictions for what Tesla does for end of Q1 2024?

My Experience Taking my Model Y down to 0%

My 2023 model Y LR 19" stock wheels from Fremont has 17k miles on it, the weather was decent (62F and sunny) so I ran my battery down to 0% (0 miles). I mainly did this to lessen my fears of running out of battery on a road trip.

I started with a full battery (100% charged from home), usually when I charge to 100% for a long trip the last 8% usually takes about 35 minutes, this time it took 111 minutes. I am guessing the battery needed a lot of balancing since it has been months since I've charged to 100%.
  • 317 rated miles at 100% (the number at the top of the screen near the battery icon, I think Tesla calls it "Total estimated driving distance (or energy) available")
  • 315 actual miles driven to 0% from Tesla "since last charge" trip meter
  • 318 miles driven shown by my USAA insurance app
  • 6 hours 56 minutes of driving over a couple days, highway and county roads mostly in the Denver area at around 60F (USAA app)
  • 71kWh consumption of the battery (from Tesla trip meter)
  • 224wH/mile averaged. 71kWh divided by 224wH/mile = 317 miles which is magically what Tesla estimated before I started driving.
  • When I got to 0% I didn't notice any power loss, however I could see 4 dots on the right side of the Power Meter. 5% is when the dots started to appear.
  • I received plenty of warnings that I was getting low, the last few miles I circled my local supercharger station.
  • When I tried to supercharge at 0 miles I got an error message saying something like "charging stopped". I freaked out a bit and I started to think this test has ruined my battery!
  • I tried another stall and it started charging at 165kW right away and within 45 seconds it was already at 250kW. From 4% all the way to 11% it stayed at 250kW which seemed really good considering I did not precondition the battery at all and it was 62F.
  • The charging session took 1:22 from 0% to 100%. (Tesla estimated 55 minutes)
  • +80kWh total for the supercharger session receipt which I think included some HVAC and watching Youtube while waiting.
  • +76kWh actually went just to the battery (number shown below "Charging Complete" message at top of screen).
  • After the supercharger session the new rated miles at the top of the screen dropped slightly to 316.
  • As for degradation I am not sure how to calculated it. If it was rated for 330 new and now displaying 316, I guess that is -4.2%. But I used -71kWh draining it to 0%, but it received +76kWh to fill it back up so I not sure how to calculate that.
  • After doing this test I do feel more confident about not running out of battery.
Did this hurt my battery? I watched this video from Jeff Dahn and he suggests (20 minutes into the video) a depth of discharge of only 25% daily for NMC batteries (which is about what I am doing.) Jeff indicated that every 500 hours they did a "check up cycle" from 100% to 0% during the 2.5 years of testing. I am not sure what that check up cycle equates to in miles, but I am guessing do a "check up cycle" every 17k miles is OK for the health of the battery.

“Summon” isn’t so “smart”

Subscribed to FSD for a road trip. Thought I’d try summon in a mostly empty hotel parking lot. Car pulled out of the stall and briefly drove behind a parked semi truck obscuring my view. Car stopped moving and the app said “summon complete.” Walked around the semi to find the car trying to mate with an island.

Yes, I know the fine print says the car may not recognize curbs, keep it in sight at all times etc etc. Still, anyone thinking of using this feature for the first time should be aware your car may go rogue.

Nothing was damaged aside from additional rash to an already scuffed wheel, so I hope you find this as amusing as I did.


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High Mileage Rental 3

I know there's a lot of talk about this these days, so I apologize if this is redundant, but long story short:
Rental Agencies are selling a lot of their M3 inventory.
A lot of that inventory has landed at a really friendly and transparent used dealer near us that we trust and like.
We're finally in a position (financially) to make the jump. (especially with the used tax credit)

Only hesitation is the mileage. We're looking at a few 2022 LR AWD M3s with clean titles and good conditions. Both get up to over 300 miles of range on a max charge BUT the elephant in the room is that both have roughly 114,000 and 110,000 miles on em.

That'd put them at around 55-57K miles a year........ over 5 TIMES what the average American does. Anyways, enough of the obvious. I guess I'm looking for other M3 owners that have high mileage in a short amount of time to share your experience and what your journey has been like. Any other M3 owners who have specifically picked up a previously rented one recently as well?


Verbruik wagen aan laadpaal


Sinds twee weken heb ik een Tesla Model Y LR . Ik ben er nog volop mee aan het spelen en ik beklaag het mij zeker niet. Ik heb ook een laadpaal (Smappee EV Line One Business) geïnstalleerd en heb direct ook de volledige range van Smappee geïnstalleerd om het energieverbruik van onze woning op te volgen (en loadbalancing te kunnen doen). Ik heb dus plots redelijk wat gegevens ter beschikking. Bij wat graafwerk ben ik het energieverbruik van de laadpaal tegen gekomen. Het is hierover dat ik een vraag heb.

Als goede huisvader leg ik de wagen elke avond aan de thuislaadpaal en laat hem aangesloten totdat ik vertrek. De wagen laadt heel mooi op tot 80% van zijn batterij aan ongeveer 16A op een 3x400V+N net. Daarna zie ik dat de wagen ongeveer elk uur een verbruik heeft van een ongeveer 2 kW (de grafiek toont 5 minuten-waarden).

Mijn vraag: is dit verbruik in pieken normaal? Ik had eerder een continu verbruik verwacht gedurende de tijd dat de wagen aan de oplader hangt (en opgeladen is). Maw: is het de tesla die deze pieken vraagt, of is het de Smappee laadpaal die hiervoor zorgt. En wat is de best practice?


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Looking for someone to take over remaining Model 3 lease.

Hi! I currently have a 2023 black Model 3 (black interior) with a completion date of 9/5/2026. I’ve had the vehicle for 6 months and due to recent changes in my life, I am unable to complete the lease. Since it is practically new; the tires, brakes, and overall condition are in excellent condition. The current lease payment is $659/mo. I initially put $5k down, which I am NOT seeking reimbursement for. Additionally, I have an at-home, renter friendly, 110V charger that is free with the vehicle. I am located in Western, NY, although I’d be open to negotiating transport in other areas of NY or nearby states! Please feel free to contact me on social media or here :)
**no pets have been in the vehicle, non-smoking, housed overnight in a garage since the start of ownership!**


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Any Benefit in HW 3 Camera Replacement for Non-FSD Countries?

I have browsed through the TMC forum looking for the benefits of the free HW 3 camera upgrade which Tesla offers for legacy Model X cars. What I've learned so far is that the cameras need to be replaced for legacy cars for them to get the latest updates - which includes the FSD updates.

However, I'm based in Australia where FSD is currently not available.

The question which I am trying to get answers to are the following:

1. Is it worth it to get the HW 3 camera replacement from Tesla given that in a region like Australia that is not likely to be offered FSD anytime soon?

2. Since my car has the old camera set (although it does have the MCU 2 and HW 3 Computer upgraded), it has been sitting on the 2023.26.12 for the last 6 months now. Has any of the updates after this one introduced any key new features/fixed previous issues which make it worth it to have the cameras replaced and software updates to the latest version?

3. I have the FSD option purchased for the car. However, since FSD is currently not available in Australia, Tesla offers the next best thing which is EAP with FSD visualizations (i.e. navigate off ramps from highways, auto lane change, stopping on red signals/stop signs, green signal/vehicle in front movingon signal alert, smart summon etc.). The question is, will the camera replacement have any impact on the functionality of the EAP? I saw some other threads where there was discussion about radar not being used after the HW 3 camera replacement and EAP shifting completely to vision based but couldn't get any conclusive answers regarding that. Is the EAP change from radar + vision based to vision only and if it will, is the change to vision only more reliable/better EAP performance when compared to the existing EAP performance which I get?

Home charging very very very slow

I’ve had my model S since 2016, with a home charger. It has worked normally until about a week ago. Now it looks like it charges at 0 to 1 mile per hour. There’s no odd indications. The wall unit still has the green like before, and my car charges without a problem at super chargers. I turned off the fuse box and back on, that didn’t help. The car and the app both show 1/46A, which can’t be good.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should look into to identify the problem?


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I tried to buy a Tesla today and it failed because they could not honor rebates I got messages about

I went to the Tesla office today, because I needed help with the ordering process. After some commotion they found the Model Y on the lot and it looked great.
My intent was to purchase it for delivery before March 1, 2024. The Model Y LR AWD Stealth Gray with white interior and tow bar on the lot was discounted with $2,500.
I brought my two messages one $1,000 off being on the Cybertruck reservation and the other was $1,000 for buying a vehicle on the lot before end of February. They said to honor only the Cybertruck discount and said the purchase before end of month discount was the same and not valid for my purchase. Which is not true. Can somebody give me some guidance how to proceed
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Remove headrest?

I have a 2023 MY AWD and I'm trying to remove the rear headrests to add some seatbelt guides. In the instructions it says to put in a flathead screw driver below the little area that pops out that allows you to extend the headrest in order to remove the headrest. However, I don't see any sort of slot on my 2023 that allows you to put a flathead in there to remove it. Has anyone been able to remove the rear headrest?

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Supercharger precondition when station short distance

I live on the road so can’t charge my 2023 Model Y overnight most of the time. I use the Tesla Supercharger stations. At times the stations are very close to where I’m staying, say 2-5 miles. Can I set the battery to warm up/precondition before arriving at the station? The only thing I see is to set the departure time but that seems to only affect climate control.

Need advice for New Tesla owner making 800 mile trip

Next week I’m about to embark on a 800 mile trip from NV to TX. I entered my destination and the route it gave me shows 5 stops at superchargers. The route is going through Phoenix. But I want to go through Flagstaff instead. I can’t figure out how to change the route. The mileage is nearly the same in both routes. I’ve used plenty of other GPS’s where you can just press a button for alternate routes. I don’t see that on Tesla.

I’m planning to subscribe to one month of FSB ($200) for this trip so that it’ll make the drive easier on me.

Any other tips on driving long distance is greatly appreciated.

I’ve owned my M3LR for about a month now.

Used Model S (after refresh)

Hi all,

I have a Model Y and the only complaint I have is the ride quality and sound it makes on local roads. I've test driven the Model S and both the wife and I really liked it quite a bit but I could not justify the steep cost. Recently I've seen prices on used Model S that are starting to tempt me again. I'm just a little worried as to the reason these have been given up -- are there issues with a used model S that I should be especially on the look out for? I'm not super picky about aesthetics (not picky at all really) but I just don't want to take on someone else's problem.

Anyone here semi-regret going from a Y to an S? I know it's a much bigger car and not as sporty but I think I'm okay with that. Is paying 75K for a 2021 post refresh plaid with 13k miles crazy or a decent deal?

One last question -- if I get an S with USS sensors do I still get vision parking assist? I've actually grown to like the Vision parking after being super down on it at first.

Buying a Model Y soon! Wheels/tires?

Within the next month, I plan to be the owner of a new Model Y! I’m pretty excited
I’ve been researching as much as I can, but feeling overwhelmed with wheel and tire information. So, can you help me out here? Sit down for a quick chat! :)

My plan is to order the LR-AWD with basic wheels and replace. I live in the central US. I rarely drive in snow. Just need a decent tire for normal driving conditions with occasional rain.

How much benefit to Range and comfort is there by going to 18in wheels?
What tires would you recommend for 18s

How much range will I lose going to say a 20” wheel, or a 21” ? Does getting a forged wheel help mitigate the effects?

Tire recommendations for 20/21s??

Thanks so much for reading and maybe even responding


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