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Bad time to buy?

Living in IL we have a small window to buy to get a 4k credit.. This is my 2nd MY and I love it.. But If I can get a new one with the 4680 battery that would be nice.. But then I saw this Tesla 4680 vs 2170 battery cell test reveals lower energy density in the Texas-made Model Y

So are the old batteries better?? Worth waiting a year or 2?? Any ideas or insight would be great. Thanks!

Charging on 110 line in cold weather?

Hey all, I have my MYLR being delivery via carrier direct delivery. Should be dropped off either late this week or sometime next week.

I will be moving in mid-december, so I don’t want to pay to have a 220 line installed at my current house. I live just south of Buffalo and we just got 7 feet of snow dumped on us, and it gets quite cold here. I work from home Mondays and Fridays, and have a 60 mile round trip commute 3 days per week to the office. Will I be able to get by for about a month on the 110 charger? There’s a super charger about 10 miles from my work but is out of my way, so I can top up there if need be.

Curious how this is going to work out. I’ve never so much as taken a test drive so not sure how it’s going to go.

Flow Insurance & Tracker

Hey all,

The cheapest insurance is £2,300 with Flow the next one is Direct Line at £3k for MY LR.

Flow has stated (part of Liverpool Victoria)

"The tracking device must be active when your car is parked. If not, we won’t pay for any loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft."

I assume Tesla covers this, however, I may install an insurance-approved tracker if it gets stolen, I don't want any risk of losing my money. If Flow confirms via email Tesla is fine, I wont need it.

Can anyone recommend any companies in the UK that specialise in Tesla tracker? Or, anyone with Flow Insurance that have had approval on Tesla tracker?

Picked up model y on 11-19-22

For those who want to know the configuration being delivered. No USS. Did not get mail from Tesla about it not being included. SA said mist likely it will be there if i did not get any mail. No camera upgrade. Mud flaps and side protection film already attached. No matrix lights. Cargo cover, j1772 adapter and license plate cover included. It is model 2023 and built in Austin.
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Stress on the high or low side of charge range

My MYLR 7seater from Freemont was built on Aug 22 2022. I've been driving it since mid Sept. My daily drive can consume around 84% of my charge. That is to and from my destination and back into my garage. Should I charge to 92% and be left with 8% when I get home or should I charge higher or lower to shift the range with my goal being to help increase battery longevity. Right now I have been charging to 96% because the weather is colder to give me some extra margin. Another option would be to use a supercharger near my destination but that would add another 35 to 45 minutes to my trip as it's about 10-15 mins from my destination and isn't supercharging not good for battery longevity?



2023 Model 3 no longer has manual door release in rear [never had them], other changes

I received my 2023 Tesla Model 3 a few days ago in November 2022.

In addition to some of the other features they removed in 2022, the manual door release for emergencies seems to be gone on the rear seats.

The battery technology is lithium iron phosphate.

I had been looking for a definitive list of 2023 changes, but couldn't find any that weren't speculation, so I'd be open to answering questions in this thread, in case it may be helpful for others.

Other missing features, but as far as I am aware these were removed before the 2023 model year:
  • No more Close Window on Lock
  • No more footwell lights
  • No more charging kit, only the J1772 adapter
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Tesla Model Y RWD review

Beste mede lotgenoten,

Zoals beloofd geef jullie een eerste indruk van de nieuwe Tesla Model Y RWD.

Dit is mijn eerste Tesla. Naast het test rijden heb ik er totaal geen ervaring mee zoals velen dat wel hebben. Dus misschien klink ik veel enthousiaster dan jullie zouden zijn. Maar dit is hoe ik het ervaar.

De auto ophalen gaat straight forward. Je krijgt een stuk uitleg maar het meeste moet je zelf ervaren. De auto had geen gebreken en/of panel gabs en hij zat heel goed in de lak. Het enige wat ik opmerkte was dat mijn accu vol geladen was maar toch maar 321 aan range opgaf. Er was maar 7km mee gereden. Dus of dat is alleen maar vol gas gegaan, of er is iets mis met de battery. Dit heb ik aangegeven aan de medewerker en is genoteerd (kopie per mail). Als dit niet veranderd, ga ik hier zeker wat aan laten doen. Verder had ik bij het wegrijden een vibratie vanuit de achterwielen dat leek alsof er een stuk rubber miste wat met hoge snelheden irritanter werd. Ik reed meteen door naar de TC bij mij in de buurt en zij gaven aan dat het komt omdat de auto te lang stil heeft gestaan en dus afgevlakt was. Ze stelden voor om de banden harder op te pompen of de banden te vervangen. Ik koos voor het tweede en de klachten waren verdwenen. De auto is behalve de radius perfect en ik ben er enorm happy mee.

Kwa opties heb ik helaas geen vernieuwde achterbanken, camera’s, en ophanging. USS missen, matrix koplampen en beschik over de recenste processor type. Wat mij opviel was dat de LR en P modellen die daar stonden wel USS hadden. Dus daarvan lijken nog oude type op voorraad te zijn in China (of Duitsland). Komend van een hele snelle SUV is deze iets langzamer, maar zeker niet langzaam. Van 0 naar 100 gaan de eerste 40km/u langzaam, maar daarna gaat het super snel. Tussensprints gaan wel supersnel en krijg je echt een achtbaan gevoel.

Mocht ik nog wat vergeten zijn, laat het even weten en ik zal het checken en alsnog vermelden. Hieronder nog wat foto’s..


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Updated To Version 11 But Now No Option To Join FSD Beta?

Hello All,

I have been in the FSD beta queue for the longest time now and today I woke up and my car was updated to V11. When I went to drive it though, I still only have the options that I had in the last version. Maybe I’m doing this wrong, I’m not really sure? Can someone fill me in on why I’m no longer in queue for FSD Beta and why I don’t have FSD (or maybe I do and I just don’t know it, but it doesn’t look like I do)? Thanks.


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Charger switching on-off every hour after charge in complete

Just bought an european 2021 model 3. Was charging over night (-5C here) and noticed that after it charged, it was still cycling the charger every hour for 5 minutes, taking 0.8kWh each time, which equates to 800W constant draw.


What the hell? Why is it taking so much power when just sitting there? My whole 200m2 house takes less power to keep warm.

Is it heating the battery overnight?? How do I disable this "feature"?


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Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

Welcome to the 2019 Investors' Roundtable. This year, we are not going to try to split discussions between a "Market Action" and a "General" thread, as years of experience has shown all are too enthusiastic about putting their opinions and observations in a fairly random dispersion.

So post here - but as a specific topic gets discussed over a series of posts, we'll split it off to its own thread; this Master Thread will serve as the catch-all unless and until such a pattern emerges.

Othermod: Even better if you split it out yourselves, don't wait for us. --ggr.

Until midnight on 31 December...in some time zone...this thread will remain locked. You are encouraged to post away in the 2018 threads until then, at which time those will be locked.

With the key thrown away!

Happy New Year, all.

Buying a used, 100,000 mile Model 3

I have the opportunity to purchase a 100,000 mile Model 3 2020 (70 plate) LR which is pre-refresh.

I wondered what I should be concerned about, other than the fact there is only about 20,000 miles before the battery and motor warranty expires?

Obviously concerns for a usual car with this mileage, such as cam belt, don't apply. So I am trying to think what else I should consider.

Supercharger - Barstow, CA - East Virginia Way (LIVE 19 Nov 2022, 8 V3 + 2 Urban stalls)

Looks like a brand new supercharger just crept up on us in Barstow, perfect time for the holidays. I thought we were done seeing new installations of Urban chargers but I guess we will need some pics to confirm.

@corywright @Big Earl @tes-s


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2023 MYLR Delivery Day - Bad Panel Gaps

Today was delivery day for my 2023 MYLR. I waited 8 months. It was a Austin build. It had a really bad panel gap where the hatch met the left side. It was so bad that the left tail light was also not flush and you could see behind it. The front left headlight had a pretty bad gap too. After finding two quick bad gaps I kind of shut down and just rejected it. I will go into hold and wait for a new VIN.

My MYLR was parked next to a Fremont build that was pretty immaculate. I was able to compare my gaps to the Fremont which made my Austin look even worse. The Fremont car was a great reference.

Does anybody have any experience taking delivery of a car with a bad panel gap or two and getting them successfully fixed? I saw some minor gaps on other cars at the delivery center that I would have been fine with.

I guess I only get one more chance. Is it possible that the next car I get could be one that was previously rejected by somebody else?

Thanks for any info.
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Tesla lost me - trading in me 1 month old 2022 MYLR

Where do I begin? I won't bore all of you here but I will tell you small parts of this absurdity.

1) delivery was BS won't get in ti detail but they acted like they were doing me a favor just letting me purchase one of their precious vehicles. No courtesy or customer service at all. Might as well buy at a kiosk.

2) I get vehicle we here what sounds like rattling in front drivers wheel well. I am told it is frunk noise ignore it.

3) Go to get my NH state inspection two days ago. Guy tells me to come in to service area and I notice he has the car up on a lift. I thought that was weird but he was a Tesla owner himself and I brought it to this shop to get inspected because of recommendations on this site - NH has no Tesla dealers. This guy was amazing - no charge for him finding that noise was a loose jam nut on the Tie Rod end.

4) as he shows me I see the torque QC markings all over place on the suspension - but NOT on the jam nuts on either tie rod. Luckily the other tie rod jam not did not come loose. He says he tightened it but tell Tesla to do an alignment under warranty and make them aware if this so they check care. I did NOT hit anything to cause this - car has 1000 miles and I baby it avoiding even sewer indentations. I am not an aggressive driver at all. And, even if I did hit something, to knock a jam nut loose there would be other damage. He documents the finding.

5) I open - reluctantly - a service ticket. I was scared now because I kind of suspected that I would be in to a "prove it" scenario.

6) I get a lovely "estimate" of $275 from the SC and I have to pay this estimate to keep my Appt. The estimate has a "Goodwill " $0 to look at the loose nut then they gave me a really great deal on an alignment - they have a line item if $275 for a "4-wheel alignment"

7) I wrote numerous notes - cuz you can't talk to anyone you have to work asyncronoysly to who knows who is writing back to you on the app. I wrote this is bullsh$& and I am under warranty and the jam nut IS part of an alignment therefore the alignment should be free.

Why am I trading this car?

1) I can't "battle" on an app chat for warranty work. Imagine what this would be like if the repair were 10k? Why can't I talk to a person?

2) even if they solved number 1, how the heck do they get away charging $275 for a 4-wheel alignment - WTF!!!! That's a $185 item at every shop that works on Teslas around here except a few. And I am in a high cost area. I could do the alignment myself by why should I spend hours doing that!!!

3) the serviceability of the vehicle is poor - not only are things hidden but as I post on the battery threads - the battery warranty is good but after that you are in time bomb. No shops can do component level repair because Tesla refuses or makes it difficult to get component parts or subassembly parts unless you are friends with people there. Try getting a circuit board in an inverter - you will get a backurder at best for 12 months. I know this from someone who had tried who owns a shop.

4) Costs of service are not "at cost" as I was led to believe buying the car by Elon - if an alignment is $275 then that explains why I have seen repairs on this site for things that actually that should cost only $500 but cost $4k. Between extortion fees for service and cost of only replacing full assemblies rather than subassemblies or components you drive the car in to high cost repair's unnecessaryily.

5) this car clearly is not designed to run past 5-7 years based on above items. Could it - yes - and engineering for Tesla is amazing! But no engineer can fight laws of numbers - human or computer error will cause failures. These are complex systems. We paid goid money for these, therefore we should have a say as consumers based on our feedback that future service ability matters. Otherwise these cars are simply marketed to the rich or very well to do as you need to replace every 5 years at 70k a pop.

6) Elon seems preoccupied with Twitter rather than focusing on Tesla.

7) Quality is not what I expected although it's not super bad. I couldn't test drive befire so I was surprised at the inability to change regen braking like the i4 BMW can. They took that away. I bought thinking that could be there but software removed it. Detrimental reliance? Not going there...and don't get me started in the Uktrasonic or radar.

8) 4680 packs - the new structural pack which I don't have but what they are doing proves my points. They only care about the battery pack as a whole. You can't service a battery pack on the 4680 structural approach. Watch Munro live he proves it. Therefore - it proves to me Tesla thinks wheh a battery pack fails we all can have 25k at the ready to pop in. That's insanity.

I am sad because I love the car. I have babyed it and kept SOC between 30 and 70 % never use superchargers etc. I wanted to know I did everything I could to ensure that battery lasted me 200K miles and if I needed more charge I would do it ahead of my trip. I did not view managing the battery like that as some catastrophic inconvenience as some have alleged it is.

I am very sad - hopefully someone younger who has the patience for this and is a fanboy of Elon more than I enjoys the car. They will be lucky to get it with the care I have put in.

Tesla Charging Question

Apologies if this has been asked but I have read the manual and it’s not clear. I have a Model Y which I am picking up in 9 days time and I already have a Tesla Wall Connector installed at my property. My questions are:

- If I set set a time to charge using the car software, such as 0000-0430am. Will the car still draw electric outside those time to run accessories to warm the battery etc. It says in the manual that when plugged in, the car will use the incoming power first over the battery.

- If I set the Wall Connector to charge only at certain times, is it smart enough that the car tells it that it needs juice outside of these times to run the accessories etc.

I’ve probably confused everyone now but I’m just wondering if you really can just plug a Tesla in and leave it. I am away a lot so would like the peace of mind that the car will look after itself in my absence. Appreciate any replies.

Likely Brake and Accelerator Mixup

(moderator note: Originally titled

Model Y China goes on the rampage​

the title is changed to reflect the strong likelihood that this is an unfortunate driver error.)

What is going on here-

"An out-of-control Tesla Model Y hurtled through the streets of a Chinese province, killing two and injuring three before crashing into a building earlier this month. The incident occurred on Nov. 5 in the city of Chaozhou, which is located along the China coast just northeast of Hong Kong.
The terrifying footage shows a white Tesla Model Y suddenly accelerating after the driver appeared to be trying to park the car, then hurtling through busy streets at excruciating speeds.
The driver's family told local media that the 55-year-old man lost control of the car and that he would not respond when he pressed the brake pedal. Tesla said it is investigating the crash. In the video it is noted that the brake pedal of the car was never applied while the Tesla was hurtling through the city. His mad dash ended up against a shop window."

Tesla proximity warning - The worst in the industry!

I drive a Tesla model 3 long range for the last 18 months and I have to say that the proximity warning system from Tesla is the worst I have ever used in the last 20 years.
The warning sounds are not dynamic therefore it does not matter if you are 70cm from an object or just about to hit it. A 100$ ultrasonic system from AliExpress is doing a better job !! You get dynamic sound notification the closer you are to an object and a very loud sound when you are about to hit something !!
I expect Tesla to do better in this field. The correct system is simply useless. I keep looking in the mirrors as having the same beep all the time adds nothing!!


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