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MY LR Breakdown in France. 18 months old.

We were heading to La Plagne for a week of snow for the first week of the Easter holidays... it was an incredibly wet drive. Apart from a brief interval at Reims, it was hammering down for about 7 hours.

As we were heading towards Lyon we received a message saying there was an issue with the front engine and it had been disabled. The message was surprisingly calm - it basically said, no worries, this will probably resolve itself and carry on as normal, so we did. We then stopped to charge at approximately 15:30, and as soon as we stopped we received a "Pull Over Immediately" error. We tried rebooting everything to no avail, so we called Tesla roadside assistance.

We were fortunately only 4km from a Tesla Service Centre, unfortunately we were in France. Even though we were in an Aire charging bay, roadside eventually got back to us and said they weren't allowed to recover from the autoroutes as it's too dangerous, so we'd have to call 112 for an emergency recovery that would dump us off the autoroute and Tesla could recover us from there. By the time we'd been through this faff, we'd driven past the now closed Tesla Service Centre twice, which also meant we were unable to borrow a car and being Easter, would hear nothing until Tuesday.

Stuck in a recovery depot with two young children at 8pm, we were left with no real choice other than to pay for a very expensive taxi for us and our stuff up the mountain.

On Tuesday we were told that the front motor inverter had failed and were given a fix date on 22nd April, nearly 3 weeks away. After some chasing they said the part would be arriving on the 10th and they should have it fixed by the 12th.

I spoke to our travel insurance (Virgin Money), who said they wouldn't cover anything directly related to the car, which is fair enough and expected, but they also have nothing in their T&C covering self drive holidays. They said we could put in a claim and they might cover things like the taxi, but refused to commit to anything over the phone. When I asked with options they'd be most likely to cover, they said "the cheapest".

If we got a car from Tesla, we weren't allowed to take it to the UK, so I eventually managed to arrange a convoluted and cheapest possible return journey involving dumping most of our stuff in the car in Chambery, hiring a car from Chambery airport to drive to Calais (we couldn't take the car across the channel), a pickup from Calais by my dad, hiring a car in Dover and eventually getting back to Oxford.

Next weekend (13th/14th) is the last weekend of commercial flights to Chambery for the ski season, so the planes flying out are all empty and we could get a ticket for £31, which wouldn't have been too bad, but I've now been informed that the car won't be fixed until 25th April, which makes Chambery a pain in the arse to get to. I've had quotes to ship the car back for £~1500.

Tesla have been very little assistance, they've offered zero compensation other that saying they'll pay for the emergency recovery, but I'm still chasing that and we're already approximately £1500 out of pocket for a breakdown of a car that's under warranty.

Anyway, I'm one very unhappy Tesla customer. I have no idea what I can do other than sit tight and wait.

Any advice, suggestions, sympathy appreciated!
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FSD free trial. Very impressed. So better than Autopilot

Just a few days ago I received the 30 day free trial of FSD and frankly I am blown away by the performance. I have never used FSD before and have been driving my 2021 MY using autopilot only for 50k miles. I am very familiar with the behavior of TACC and auto steer and know how it responds, which has always been decent enough, but FSD is a whole other animal!

Not the fancy stuff, but the basics. The acceleration, the stopping distance, the following, the lane positioning, is so much improved. Why is this? The car is much more confident and makes a lot more good decisions.

It feels like a completely different software is running and from what I’ve read lately it seems this is exactly what is happening.

My current SW is now 2024.3.10 and I see it says v11.1 with FSD v12.3.3

Does this mean that when I am just using basic features like the equivalent of TACC and auto steer I am now running the v12.3.3 SW and this is responsible for the improvements I am noticing?

When my free trial ends will the regular (free) autopilot performance go back to the inferior level I had before or will I get to keep this improvement in basic skills?

Tesla Model Y - Whilsting Noise Unresolved - Regret ever buying the car

Essentially, i bought a Tesla Model Y in Perth in June 2023 and boy was I excited. After collecting the vehicle, within a week I began to hear a whistling noise coming from the driver's side window. Obviously, took it back to Tesla, they said they resolved the issue, drove it out of the service center and it presented itself again. Turn the vehicle around, the service agent agreed the noise was present, and kept the vehicle again.

Examples of the sound:
New video by Adam (turn up your sound / audio and you'll hear exactly what I mean)

My vehicle was subsequently returned to Tesla 8 times for the same problem, each time they acknowledged the problem, except for the final instance when I demanded a replacement vehicle and they dropped the "this noise is within spec for the vehicle" and we cant hear what you're describing (convenient right?).

They attempted firstly to replace the speaker grill, mirror replacement, went onto door realignment, window realignment, sealing something in the front trunk area believing air was getting up into the pillar, to then finally taking apart the car roof, resealing everything and replacing the roof (only because I'm a valued customer and they didn't believe the noise was present). Yet the noise still persists. Particularly on windy days, it is ever-present.

Has anyone had any luck solving this issue? My only avenue now for remedy is taking Tesla to court, which could end up costing more than the car is worth for no guaranteed outcome. I just want it fixed!

Sorry for the rant but this is a painful experience and honestly would not recommend anyone ever buying a Tesla. I saw all the horror stories about build quality in the forums and I should have listened!

Rear adjustable camber arms

Considering getting adjustable camber arms for the rear after having this happen to the tires too many times. Its only the right too. The left is still okay, I understand from reading that the front is too dang expensive and usually not quite as bad, and the rears look reasonably easy to install. My main question is do I need to do the toe arms and the camber arms or am I fine to just do the camber arms and are there any reasonably priced ones? By reasonably priced, I mean 200 or less ideally. Not that Unplugged and Mountain pass don't make good stuff or anything.


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Sentry mode is great until its not turned on and some one hits you

It's finally happened. I'm in the netherlands and come out to find broken glass on my rather cracked spoiler and no evidence of the heinous crime.

So have a small depression on the boot lid (no creases so hopefully my PDR guy to the rescue) and replacement spoiler to sort when home

On the plus side with Teslas worth feck all a few dents probably won't harm the residuals :)

Downgraded Audio? Might want to let buyers know [rwd vs awd]

Greetings all! I vent only in hopes that someone uses their head next time. No answers here I'm sure, so apologies for the rant, but (for some strange reason) this one really, really, irks me. I just took delivery of my pretty awesome RW MY a month ago, and am overall quite happy with it...except for the 7 speaker audio system..ok, and maybe a couple of the rattles;). So why NOBODY mentioned this when weighing the differences between the dual, and RW, is beyond me. They (more than 1 in the local "gallery", and when taking delivery) mentioned the fog lights, and the parcel cover..period. The only test drive vehicles available at the "gallery", were Dual Motor vehicles, for the WOW factor, I get it. I LOVE my music, and every vehicle I've owned has always had the best system available. While on the test drive, my passenger and I were blown away with the sound, and it might have been what really sealed the deal for me, I know, it's the little things. Literally, there seem to be 3 things, other than a motor, and more range, that are different, so how everyone forgot to mention it comes with half the speakers, and no sub, has me scratching my head. Had I known it had a downgraded audio system in it, I may have opted for the Dual. I don't wish it on many, but really hoping this brilliant idea generator no longer has a job with Tesla. Really..how much money did it save?

Anyone gone from Model 3 to Model S?

The lease is up on my Model 3 in September and I'm planning to just buy a used model outright given that the lease costs massively outweigh any salary sacrifice saving (assuming the insurance isn't £20,000/year).

In the price bracket I'm looking at I can have a 2022 Model 3 LR, or a 2019 Model S 100D. Obviously warranty / modernity / software updates etc apply to the Model 3, but is the comfort step-up worth it for the Model S? Does it have the same bangin' stereo for me tunes? Is Autopilot camera or radar based? Any charging hiccups? I'd be getting one with the CCS upgrade.

Answer Signal calls on Tesla

My family used Signal for messaging, phone calls and video calling.

If my phone is connected to the car via Bluetooth and I get a regular call or SMS, all is good. I can answer calls using the left wheel button or the onscreen green and red buttons.

However, incoming Signal calls ring through to the car and a red button (for disconnect) appears in the same spot as for a standard call but there is no green button. Likewise, you can cancel the call with the left wheel button but cannot answer (button does nothing). So, I can find no way to answer the call. You can answer it on the phone but then run foul of mobile/car regulations. I tested all this on the weekend using a couple of phones but could not find any way to answer a Signal call without touching the phone.

If I have a passenger, they can answer on the phone and things then progress normally.

Has anyone come up with a way to answer a Signal call on a Tesla without touching the phone?

04.08.2024 - Solar output... Ooops, I forgot :)

So this afternoon I was looking at my solar performance (So happy with the TeslaPowerwall and solar setup!)
In the morning I was thinking that today would be a great day to monitor production since the forecast was for absolutely cloudless skies and mild temperatures. Getting closer to the sun's peak angle in the sky as well...

I opened the app and saw a fairly large, seemingly anomalous dip in production in the morning and was immediately frustrated as to the why. I asked Julie who had been out on the deck in the morning if there had been any cloudcover whatso ever and she confirmed that no, absolutely clear skies.

I walked over to the Powerwall, wondering if the inverter had momentarily cut out, or if there was some overload or wiring situation that I would have to maddeningly track down. I played over scenarios in my head of being on the phone with Tesla to explain the occurrence and what my responses might be when they told me it was somehow something I had done...

I mean, what could possible cause such a sharp downward spike in production, with a subsequent apparently normal return to operation on a bright, clear day except a component fault, wiring problem, a rogue passing cloud, or an...


Julie's probably been wondering why I've been slapping my forehead and sighing to myself all afternoon LoL!

In my defense, here in Northern California we only had about a 20%-25% partial eclipse and it wasn't really noticeable at all as far as brightness change... and I was buried in work and not paying attention :) Solar nerds, watch out for them eclipses! LoL!

Tesla settles with Apple engineer’s family who said Autopilot caused his fatal crash

New YorkCNN —
Tesla has settled a high-profile case that was set to put the electric car company and its controversial automated-driving system on trial starting Monday.


Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Jury selection was set to begin Monday in a wrongful death suit filed by the family of a former Apple engineer who died after his Tesla Model X crashed while the Autopilot feature was engaged. The trial could have lasted several weeks, but the parties settled Monday.

Walter Huang was killed when his Tesla struck a concrete highway median in Silicon Valley on March 23, 2018. The National Transportation Safety Board, in its investigation, found that Autopilot was engaged for nearly 19 minutes before the fatal crash, when the car, traveling at 71 mph, veered off the highway.

Story here: https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/08/tech/tesla-trial-wrongful-death-walter-huang/index.html
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Weird message came up suggesting I change the charge limit to 71%?

Hi folks, I set my 2019 Model 3 Performance to charge last night and set the limit to 83% (I do this, as I use 3% getting to work the next morning, which then leaves the car at 80% for the day). However, the charge is also controlled by my electricity provider to get the car to charge at the best times for the grid, and I can only set the limit in 5% increments on that app, so I set it to 85%.

The car then stops the charge at 83% and the electricity provider stop is just used as a back up. My car was at 82% when I got in this morning and always varies by a few percent, usually depending on temperature.

Anyway, this morning (for the first time) I get in the car to find a message in the middle of the screen saying something along the lines of "Single charge limit not reached, we suggest setting the limit to 71% for daily driving." Below which there was a button to ignore that and another to set the charge limit to 71%.

Has anyone else ever seen this?

I thought the general rule of thumb was to keep it below 80% as much as possible and only charge above that for longer trips. Now they seem to be suggesting keeping it below the very arbitrary number of 71%...

Why 71%?!

I also wonder if I'm the only one seeing this, or if others are also having the same 71% suggested to them by their cars. And if anyone has any idea why? Like, has Tesla looked into the battery statistics of Tesla cars and decided that charging to 71% is optimal for battery life?

Model Y Suspension Advice

I was waiting for the Model Y refresh, but once found out it wasn't coming anytime soon, I jumped on a 24' MYLR a few weeks ago. Since my goal was to get the most comfortable setup, I went with 19" wheels.

So first of all, I should specify that this is a 2-year lease. My priority is road comfort and minimum NVH.

I had the ear pressure issue with the rear hatch but finally got it under control: Post

Now, the last piece of the puzzle, is the ride. After two long trips, I cannot help but wonder how much happier I would be with a better ride - maybe with a suspension upgrade. I was contemplating, if I don't go overboard and just focus on the ride, I can install them myself and take them off before the lease return and sell them second-hand.

Currently, I got my eyes on the Koni Red FSD: Link
If the above price is right, $600ish is not that bad for a much-improved ride. I love the rest of the car, so it would make it worth it. I have test driven a Model 3 Highland and loved how it rode. If anything, it was too smooth for that car. I am also not worried about the ride height. I am trying to get the smoothest ride possible on a long drive.

I come from Audi/BMW background and have installed coilovers a few times by myself before. I take it that I would be able to install this myself? Would I need an alignment after this? even though this is just a shock install?

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.
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I’m guessing that Tesla will offer some deals on FSD at the end of the trial. I have been impressed by v12 so far, but I still wouldn’t pay $12k for a system that requires supervision. $199 a month is a little pricey as well. I’m guessing they would have a hit at $99/month. What do y’all think?

Comparison Request: 2023 Model S Plaid vs. 2024 Model S Plaid

Hi All - current P100D X owner here and about to pull the trigger on a Model S Plaid.

Demo Model S Plaid are showing about a ~$4K discount via the Tesla website, pending availability & what seems to be a softening EV market in general, but the Tesla website does not list the model year of said demo cars. I assume they are CY23 cars that are left over in the demo pool. Good news, many of them have less than 100 miles on them so the $4K discount is worthy in terms of savings & consideration.

What I cannot find: is the true spec vs spec difference of what a CY24 gets me if I order it directly from Tesla vs a CY23 model. Anyone have a firm comparison between the two model years? Not interested in 2022's or earlier. Are the 4680's being shipped with CY24 Model S Plaids yet?

Tesla S dirt in speed sensor. Bms_f027 BMS_w027

I recently bought a 2015 Tesla s p90dl. Drove it for about an hour then got turtle mode after stopped turning on. Went to get it checked at Tesla and they quoted me around 8k usd for the ldu and battery heater. I looked up videos be such to try to figure out if I can fix it myself and saw many about the seals being changed. My question is would it still be salvageable if I changed the seals or should I just save up enough money to try to get the ldu. I checked the speed sensor it had mainly debris hmm kind of like when coolant and oil mix you get a bit of a milky substance with dirt onto it.


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12.3 FSD Acceleration.

I have had my Model Y for about 6 weeks and got 12.3 2 weeks ago. So far I am impressed with the improvements except for 2 things.

One is new, the acceleration is pretty aggressive even in chill mode. I have insurance that requires an app be loaded on my phone to monitor driving. One of these measurements is acceleration. Everytime FSD leaves a stop I get a hard acceleration demerit from the app. I just don't see where to reduce it.

The other is a number of roads in my area where the speed limit that is displayed is well below the actual. Does this ever get updated or do I have to continue manually setting the cruise to a higher setting.
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