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China’s Abandoned, Obsolete EVs Are Piling Up in Cities

The demand helped juice an industry that has grown exponentially ever since. China is now the world leader in clean cars, producing around 6 million EVs and plug-in hybrids last year, or almost one in every three new cars sold domestically. It accounts for 60% of the world’s current electric fleet, and has the most extensive EV charging infrastructure on Earth — also built with government support.

The graveyards are a troubling consequence of that consolidation. Not only are the sites an eyesore, getting rid of EVs so quickly reduces their climate benefit considering they’re more emissions-intensive to build and only produce an advantage over combustion cars after a few years.


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Why has Tesla's charging advice changed

I've noticed with the latest software update that the daily charging recommendation on the screen is 50% to 80%. Before it was up to 90%. The Tesla charging FAQ says plug your car in as much as possible whereas much advice online recommends only plug in when necessary and keep the battery between 20% and 80%. Any ideas on what is correct because I'm confused.This is for the NMC battery .
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Poll: Highland and Cybertruck delivery dates

When will first deliveries be?

  • Highland and Cybertruck before 1st October

    Votes: 17 25.0%
  • Highland before 1st October and Cybertruck on/after

    Votes: 13 19.1%
  • Cybertruck before 1st October and Highland on/after

    Votes: 7 10.3%
  • Highland and Cybertruck on/after 1st October

    Votes: 31 45.6%

When will first deliveries be?

No changing vote
No peeking
3 days to close
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Will They Take Away My Supercharging

Hello Friends!

So it turns out my 2016 Model S P100DL has Unlimited Free Supercharging. The dealership did not even realize this. However, after I got my account paired with the app and car, under specs it is right there. I even did that browser method where you see if it says like SC01, which mine does. To verify, I took it to a super charger and charged for about 20 minutes and had a $0.00 reading.

However, now I am quite concerned because I don't want Tesla to take that way from me. I have an appointment in about 10 days for the MCU2 upgrade. Does anyone know if they would yank my free supercharging? It was originally a regular buyer who owned it for about three years, then sold and used as a fleet vehicle for about four years, then sold to the dealership where I bought it from last week.

My understanding, quite possibly wrong, was that some vehicles did have unlimited supercharging anddddd could be freely transferred and you did not have to worry about getting a vehicle serviced because they wouldn't take it away? Does anyone know if that is true?

Dechromed windows and viper stripes

Bound to polarise , but I am stoked with the result. Today I got my P100d Dechromed around the windows and added viper stripes. IMHO thry don't get more American muscle car that a P100d !

I got stripes to match the 21s, keying it all together. And I don't mind a bit of chrome, I just really don't like it around the windows.

Anyway, only had her 1 week now, but thats all the mods I'm doing. Very glad I got her, and very glad I got the dechroming and stripes. However, as I say, I'm sure some will hate it, such is life. Each to their own. I post to give an example really to anyone keen of doing something similar.

Let the slagging begin. 🙄


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Windshield wiper automatically turn on.

Getting used to new Model Y.
I have noticed that wipers in AUTO mode works not good at all....
When there is a light rain, they performs the cleaning too often, on almost dry windshield with just a few drops, so I had to switch to manual mode.

On my Volvo, I could adjust the sensitivity of the rain sensor, so the AUTO mode worked perfectly. Is it possible to do it on Model Y? I didn't find any information in the user manual.
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Our very unpleasant experience

Potential buyer should read this.

We had a test drive on a model y last year and the whole experience was pleasant until this year

On June 27 we scheduled a test drive online for Jul 1,was awarded they are not open on Canada Day but we got a confirmation email (see attachment)

Then we got a call the next day saying they are not open on Jul 1 so we have to reschedule it to Jul 2

At the same time we found a spot online for test drive on June 30 at 6:30pm and we booked and got a confirmation email (see attachment)we picked that time BC they were having a promotion - tesla rebate for $5000 and the last day of promo is on June 30.

In the morning about 10:30 we got a call from them,no time to pick up bc of work,and we checked the voice mail saying about the last day promotion of -$5000 and hope we will be able to arrive earlier and make a deal.so me and my husband took some time off from work and we arrived at 5:40pm

When we arrived,the person who works there says"we don't see your appointment,we actually don't schedule any test drive after 6" he said that without an apology then I showed him the confirmation email and he said yeah just come on July 2 I can see ur appointment here,we left without arguing with him bc we were exhausted,and we know we have to come back anyways so we don't want to argue anything.

Ok the way back home I checkedy email,they sent us a email as a "test drive confirmation"at 3:15pm and rescheduled us without notifying us from 6:30pm to 4:30

I mean do u think people don't have work on weekdays?checked their personal email during work and have to come for a test drive right away?

Ok,on Jul 2 we went there again,the same guy apologized for the last issue but said because u didn't pick up the phone, seriously?and in the voice mail they didn't mention about the reschedule or no test drive after 6 at all,just wanted to make a deal,but anyways we did test drive the model 3 and liked the car,we didn't place an order at that moment bc of the unpleasant experience but would like to check out if we have other options for getting a EV

Unfortunately we found tesla is the most suitable for us, honestly nothing can beat their range so far and we paid the deposit online, our car was in the inventory and stated as "coming soon".we know we have to expect the wait and apparently it was on transfer,at the same time we needed to find out when to sell our current car and cancel the insurance etc

We didn't want to call them and ask where's my car like a annoying customer so we found out in this forum our car is already arrived in the port of Vancouver in late July,but till Aug we still got no one contacting us so we called them,they said oh bc of the trade in thingy u have to complete the process first so we can go to the next step.We replied that we received texts 3 times and already replied them about no we are not trading in.they said ok and will send us a text,it was quick like within one min we got the estimate delivery date on Aug 25-sept3

After a about I feel weird bc we have no updates about the exact date of delivery since it's about 10 days to go till Aug 25, I think we should get something at least a VIN bc people said we should get a VIN before delivery,we called them and the first answer we have got was "it shows everything on the tesla app"we explained our situation as we need to get insurance and sell the car etc then they said Aug 19 is the confirmed date and they even sent us a text to confirm

Few days ago I just checked the app out of the blue,saying we have to upload a proof of insurance (we didn't get an email regarding the updated status tho)but we still got NO VIN and we called and they texted us the VIN so we were able to get the insurance.

So tomorrow will be the delivery date,we already planned for a out of town trip to Sylvan Lake and so we wanted to get the CCS plug from them,as we found there no supercharge station around the area and the cloest to me is not n red deer,but we were not able buy the plug from tesla because it said the car is not delivered,but for some reason charger and mobile connector

And we were so excited to take the delivery tomorrow at 10am and was wondering about the down payment,so we checked on their website yesterday and found out they don't accept credit cards, only 1.wire transfer (to whom?) 2.Bank draft(to whom?)and tesla e check(basically u transfer some money to ur tesla account and they will deduct the amount from it,and it said "your sales representative will discuss with you about the payment methods etc"ok ,no one never contact us

This morning we finally got a text saying our car is not here and they sent us a link saying you can reschedule a date for delivery, seriously?? So basically less than 24 hours notice and telling u that your car is not here,I mean, seriously??

So from schedule a test drive to placing an order to getting a VIN for insurance to down payment methods to delivery,if u wanna live longer,u might need to reconsider


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Which documents exactly?

So, I bought a used Tesla model 3 in the UK a few weeks ago. I've went through the process of adding a vehicle to my profile and took photos of my drivers licence and V5 document front and rear pages as they seem to suggest. It's been a week since I did this and I've had an email back from Tesla saying that I have resubmit proof of ownership. So, what exactly do they need? There are no examples of which pages you have submit from your V5 document or anything, so how are we supposed to know!?

Tesla app recommending charge level now?

I don't recall seeing this message regarding "recommended for daily driving charge to 80% before"? My app version is 4.23.6-1844. Has this been a thing and I missed it? I know there is a TON of discussion regarding battery charging but all the literature I recall seeing from Tesla regarding this battery pack was 80-90% daily was okay.
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French toll tags (e.g. ULYS and others) and Revolut / Starling and UK banks payment - HOW TO

I know this topic has come up in other threads but I believe that I have the simple answer and rather than have people dig through many pages of threads which are usually discussing more general trips of which toll tags are only an element, thought that my findings might help others avoid what appears to be a common failure and i've seen this discussed over about 26 page thread on another forum with no definitive answer.

The requirement:-
Obtaining and paying for French (and other European tolls) via tag providers based in Europe. I know there are some who are based in the UK and bill from the UK so lets stick to those who don't. To avoid foreign exchange fees, some use Revolut or Starling or similar providers.

I chose ULYS, tag was delivered, I set up the account and set up my Direct Debit using my Revolut details...or so I believed and then on the day, just as we emerged from the tunnel on the French side, a text came through saying that the initial payment of €9.90 (delivery) was rejected. Hmm, I was just minutes from wanting to use the first toll gate! Then I figured that they had a deposit anyway so would just see what happened. It worked and on our journey down, I made a point of finding the page on the website in my account to pay an outstanding invoice by card so did that.

Then I tried to have a somewhat pointless discussion with Revolut who said that there was no DD setup. I contacted ULYS who said that I needed to send the DD mandate (downloadable to Revolut), Revolut insisted that this needs to be set up by ULYS and that I need to have funds in my Euro account. It's the last part that is significant.

The problem is that UK Direct Debits and SEPA Direct Debits are close but not the same thing and Revolut states that Direct Debits are only via SWIFT payments and SEPA payments are not via SWIFT. Different banks may vary and without getting to the detail of which bank does what, there's a really simple solution here.

However, I pushed Revolut to answer if SEPA DD is supported and they confirmed that it was, I just need to have funds in my Euro account. Here's the thing... I didn't have a Euro account. I had a similar conversation with Starling Bank who also gave the same response.


This is the trivial part, for SEPA Direct Debits to work, banks like Revolut and Starling need you to have funds in a Euro account, NOT just to have a GBP account as I had set up.
All you have to do is go to your accounts and ADD a Euro account and pop some funds in there. Simple!


In the second screenshot, I have already added a Euro account so it is not listed anymore but the final shot shows today's payment now pending and all is looking good!

Should this fail tomorrow, i'll come back and update but i'm happy at this point that it's looking promising and given that Starling Bank gave me exactly the same response when pushed on SEPA DD payments, i'm feeling confident. I hope this nugget helps others trying to set this up.

New Tesla Solar & Powerwall Installation!! How many powerwalls??

I know this has been discussed 100 times, but since every situation is a bit different I wanted to get some more opinions. Installer is recommending 2 Powerwalls. 15KW Solar System. Should offset us about 92-95%. I am looking a whole house backup situation. We have 2 Air Units. I am OK not backing up our upstairs unit if need be. I have 400a service. 3000 sq ft house. Around 20,500 KW annual energy use. I live in North Carolina. Hot Summers and mostly mild winters. I just know it will never be cheaper to add a third one than now. 3 is about the max of our budget.

Is my 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance totaled?

Hi I had Tesla Model Y Performance, which I received on June 5th,2023 and was in an accident August 16th, 2023. I was wondering if my Tesla will be considered a total loss. My driver side curtain airbags all deployed and the driver seat airbags also deployed during the accident. The car shut off immediately and wouldn’t let me move it out of the road. The driver side rear tire was pushed inwards and is twisted to the right. Let me know what you all think because I have been hearing that this is a totaled vehicle because airbags deployed and teslas usually gets written off totaled.


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Is my charger pulling too much energy?

My Tesla was 100% charged by 2am. Now it is 12:59 and it still shows +3kwh. Does it mean it is still pulling power?

I'm worried because I shocking bill from my electricity provider. From the usual 200$ for May and June for July I got a bill for 1890$! Could something be wrong with the car or the charger causing it to pull a lot of energy?

Things I know for a fact:
1. I'm on time of day plan which leads me to believe I have a smart meter.
2. Got my car in May.
3. April was the last manual meter reading before buying the car and the latest manual meter reading was done in July. Considering I have a smart meter the 1890$ bill should be only for this month. Wondering if the charger is faulty causing excessive power usage

Coz everyone at home started using heaters around the same time as I bought my car I'm wondering if it is the winter heating or the car!


Aus/NZ Moderator on leave

Hi Australia and New Zealand TMC members.
I am flying out on an overseas holiday this afternoon.
I am staying in hotels which promise WiFi but you can never be sure of the speed quality of their systems.
I will still be around but the speed of my responses will be slower and you may see some intervention by other moderators too.
I return on September 6.

SC01 changed to time-based which removed FUSC

Hi, I recently picked up a 2016 Model S for my parents with FUSC, however; upon transferring it got switched to pay as you go. We confirmed it with the original owner that on their account is a SC01 and confirmed in the history that it has never got in Tesla's hands. I called up Tesla and they told me at some point, the owner exchanged with Tesla to switch it to a time-based that ends in 6 years (which supposed to end in 2022). They insisted that on their side that SC01 also means a FUSC for a certain time period. They said the original invoice agreement is not enough proof and will not budge.

Has anyone experience something like this? Is this even salvageable?

Charging times! It helps! ....

Just found out that charging times makes a difference! Not Prices..but when folks take more electricity .... it helps us all!

WE pay for a certain charge but after an hour chatting with our electric association they would like us to charge at differing hours.

Makes sense?

WE usually just plug in the car but after talking with our COOP for charging, they would like us to charge when electric is lower.

Haven't figured it out yet but any help would be awesome!

EDIT: after chatting with our company, we are confused on how to set up a TIME for charging. Any help would be appreciated!

Is my Model 3 totaled?

I have a 2019 tesla model 3 Midrange with color roof glass (TK-Choppa) that was rear ended. How bad is the damage? Pyro fuse blew upon impact no airbags deployed. Interior looks un damaged. No other damage besides the rear. Collision center is looking like it’s totaled. I hope it’s not! I hired an attorney to represent me with my suffering and wasted time/money. It just had new wheels and a HV battery/Coolant system replaced last month!

60A Breaker Trips in Daytime Vegas Heat Only

Desert Installation from April 2022. No problems since this past month but I rarely charge in the daytime as 99% charging happens before 7:30am departure. Electrical panel is on exterior and the Wall Connector is same wall but interior. 3ft distance max wiring maybe?

This month I have had to charge my car in the middle of day few times due to lots of air travel and the breaker will suddenly trip after about 45mins when set to normal 48amps. If I set to 45amps it seems I can charge for extended time.

I checked panel for anything major (char) and did not like the ground neutral installation I saw so I called another electrician out. Prior to that I called Tesla and they didnt see anything wrong with wall charger itself through charger diagnostics as it was charging on phone and even when the breaker tripped while on phone with Tesla.

New electrician said through visual only:
-Wiring is 6awg and should be 4awg. Reminder distance between panel and Wall Connector is minimal.
-Use metal conduit instead of the current plastic conduit inside the garage
-Neutral/ground install is bad. Has cut many main strands out to make it fit instead of using different bigger lug and the wire wraps behind busbars.
-Change the Eaton BR260 breaker with new (he didnt check underside to see if any issue)
-He did mention we can just change down to a 50A breaker and then I just commision charger to a lower charge rate for a 50A breaker.

Do you think the wiring size is the main reason why it trips during the day? I was initially thinking my panel is getting hot due to summer daytime heat, and that I am getting into a marginal derate condition for the breaker rating and therefore tripping right at or below the 80% of the 60A breaker.

Arent breakers calibrated/rated at 40C (104F) and therefore anything higher causes a lower trip point? It is 104F and more already in Vegas daytime not to mention other two 35A HVAC breakers heating up panel and then add in heat from 48 amp wall charger. I could see a 50C condition easily happening within panel.

Quoted me $300 parts and labor since he is close friend to my brother in law. So its not like its a major cost issue here plus would like to have it done to correct gauge. Just want to make sure we are tackling the real problem and not beefing up something we dont need to if the weak point is the breaker in the summer daytime heat.

Thoughts appreciated. Thinking to have him out this weekend to install.


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