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This is why I went solar...

Before solar, I'd typically use about 1,800kWh from my utility per month. Now, almost two years with solar, the total grid power I have imported is 1,332.

While I'd love to see more negative bills, having an electricity bill of $0.50 is, well, not priceless, but almost.

I think my utility, like so many others, are finding ways to reduce the amount saved. For instance, our electric rates (before taxes and fees) was around $0.08/kWh. They recently increased the flat bill rate from $5.50 to $15.00 and reduced the energy charge by a little over a penny/kWh.

For now though, with summer in full swing (Florida), I'm very happy with fifty cent electric bills.


Tesla appears ready to launch Model Y Metallic Shadow wheels in North America

Nieuwe X of (2x) Y

6 jaar een model X, in het begin vele ongemakken, terug te herleiden naar de service van Tesla, maar de laatste jaren naar volle tevredenheid.

Helaas is het tijd voor een nieuwe auto. Ik werd verliefd op de range rover sport (hybride) maar de kosten voor het onderhoud beangstigen me.

Dus toch weer terug naar Tesla (een andere BEV lijkt op dit moment nog steeds een stapje terug). We hadden een afspraak gemaakt voor een proefrit in de nieuwe X en de Y. Helaas ons rijbewijs vergeten (dom, I know). Ze namen met onze paspoorten geen genoegen (in andere garages wel), en dus geen proefrit.

Natuurlijk is de Y financieel gezien de slimmere keus. Ik zou het echter moeilijk vinden om afscheid te nemen van de 7 zits en de flapperdeuren. Maar is dat zoveel waard?

Wat vinden jullie? Wat zijn de grote verschillen tussen de X en de Y. De ruimte in de Y viel me op het oog mee. Er staan van beide modellen auto’s op voorraad die naar wens zijn, ik zou vandaag kunnen bestellen. Maar what to do? Een proefrit zie ik niet meer zitten.

Ceramic Coating for Model Y

Hello all--

My wife's 2020 White Model Y was totaled while parked and unoccupied last week and she's ordered a black-on-black replacement. I'm looking at ceramic window tinting to reduce heat transfer and a ceramic coating on the car to help keep it clean. Want to know anyone's experience w/ these mods, if its worth the money and extra points if you have a shop recommendation in Denver.

Thanks in advance!

FSD and trouble with HOV lanes

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I live in Phoenix, AZ. One of the benefits of having an electric car is the privilege of getting to drive in HOV lanes. However, Tesla FSD is having trouble merging into and out off HOV lanes. The turn signal comes on (either by itself or manually), but the car refuses to make the lane switch. I am guessing its because the HOV lanes is a solid white line.

Does anyone else have the same issue?

I have the the latest Tesla FSD v 12.3.6

National Construction Code consultation and impact on EVs

You may be aware that the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is currently consulting on updating the National Construction Code (NCC). It does this every 3 years. Consultation is open for another 6 weeks and closes on 1 July.

The NCC covers all aspects of building but two areas of interest to EV owners are the proposed codes for public carparks and for making provision for charging EVs in homes and public buildings:
Controversially, NSW Fire+Rescue recently updated their position statement regarding EVs to state that:

FRNSW does not recommend EV parking and/or charging within any building not protected by an AS 2118 fire sprinkler system, including a building protected by an FPAA101D or FPAA101H fire sprinkler system which have lesser performance.

Note this statement says "any building" which would include private residences, and makes no distinction between BEVs, PHEVs and hybrids. FRNSW Commissioner Jeremy Fewtrell retreated from that at a NSW Road Safety Inquiry in to Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Batteries on 30 April, saying the intent was not to require this in home garages, only smoke detectors, but the position statement has not been amended to state that. While FRNSW has no jurisdiction in this area, and what they say does not in any way represent a "rule" that anyone needs to follow, they are likely to make a submission to the NCC consultation recommending controls along these lines be mandated as part of the code.

I plan to make a submission after reading the relevant the material - of which there is a lot. FRNSW seems to have relied a lot on two papers released by the AFAC (Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council) which frankly I think are low on science and data, and heavy on inference and hand-waving.

A much better paper is this one by consulting engineers Arup on fire safety in car parks. I would actually encourage everyone to read it - it's one of the best documents I have ever read on EV fires due to the depth of research, data presented, and level-headed conclusions. The key parts are Sections 5 to 7.

There is a massive amount of interesting data in here that can be used to tackle head-on a lot of the FUD people post in various social media forums. Things like:
  • Data from Norway shows that EV fires are much less common than fossil fuel vehicle fires (p.40), e.g. in 2022 there were 22 fires involving EVs (and this includes plug-in hybrids) while there were 20 fires involving hybrids and 703 involving petrol/diesel vehicles. Note this includes vehicles involved in collisions. In 2022, EVs/PHEVs represented 27.5% of all passenger vehicles on Norwegian roads, but were only involved in 2.9% of all fires. Implying that fossil fuelled vehicles are nearly 10 times more likely to be involved in a fire. This study did not indentify how many of the 22 EVs fires were actually started by the battery.
  • Case studies of major fires in car parks internationally - of which only 4 were caused by EVs, collectively damaging a total of 9 vehicles. The largest and most damaging fires resulted from the ignition of fossil fuelled vehicles. The most recent one (which is actually not listed) was the Luton Airport car park fire in October last year which destroyed 1400 cars and was started by a diesel vehicle. Another fire at the Liverpool Echo Arena carpark in 2017 also destroyed 1400 cars.
  • Did you know that on average in Australia there are 352 fires in carparks per year? An average of almost one a day! Do these make the news?!?!
  • The paper cites a number of studies and experiments burning fossil fuelled vehicles and EVs, measuing the "Heat Release Rate" and showing that EV fires, in general, do not burn hotter than ICE vehicle fires (see pages 49 to 52).
  • Toxic gas release is not worse from EVs fires compared to ICE (p.52) - "similar quantities of CO2, CO, NO and NO2 were released from BEVs and ICEVs" and that "BEVs are not unique in producing toxic gases – all fires produce toxic gases".
  • Water runoff from Li-Ion fires is not more polluted either and a lot of the pollutants are similar to fossil fuel fires (p.55) - with the major difference being lead released in higher concentrations in fossil fuel fires.

So if anyone has the time and inclination to read all this stuff and make their own submission, I would encourage you to do so.

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Getting a 2017 Tesla Model S with $4k EV tax credit up front?

Hello, I am looking at getting my first Tesla. Going with either a 2017 or 2018 model S 75D or 90D. I am not sure if this is the right area for this thread, but I do have a question about the EV tax credit when making a purchase for a used EV. I am located in Florida and I am aware of the credit guidelines for income and the car having to be $25K or under in price. But does anybody know or have any experience on getting the $4000 tax credit upfront at time of purchase? I've seen a few discussions about this but it seems like there is nothing for sure documented if it's possible, so anybody here have any experience using that $4000 upfront for like a down payment when you purchase a used Tesla? If so, how did you make it happen with the dealership, what was all involved?

Complaints on FSD Version 12

I'm a bull on version 12, but i have several complaints that i wish Tesla would work on:
1. When i do a Disengage, I'm asked to report it by selecting the lefthand "Audio" button and make my report. BUT, darn it, the music/podcast that's over there is STILL ON and makes my input difficult to impossible. STOP the non-germane audio while making a report!!

2. It has twice taken me into a clearly marked left turn lane, AT SPEED, instead of continuing in the proper lane. ... Very SCARY

3. it often does not get into the proper lane to prepare for a turn, then at the last second tries to bull its way into the correct lane. It should make the proper preparations earlier.

4. It misses my "Home" driveway which is not well delineated but Version 11 had no difficulty with. The map shows the road/driveway very clearly ... just follow the road.

5. On non-highway two lane roads, it has some "Auto" speed selection and does not allow me to reduce the speed with the right thumbwheel. It many times is way over the speed i'm comfortable with and i have to disengage to slow down. Give me back my opportunity to reduce the speed with the right thumbwheel.

6. Its hesitancy at Stop signs with it's creeping forward to get a better view is way too long. I do like that a simple, manual "nudge" of the accelerator is enough to get it moving.

Donald Beck 2024 Model Y
[email protected]
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Is there really a best tint manufacture? Or...

I have a new 2024 M3P arriving soon and want to tint all the windows (my now M3P has Xpel XR Plus all around)

BUT I want to make sure I have the best this time around. So, I have been going crazy reading, studying, trying to decide which manufacture (3M, Xpel, Llumar) really produces the best film.

What I have decided is: One can't go wrong with any of the three as long as their top ceramic product or maybe even the second tiered ceramic product is chosen along with good installers.

Am I crazy in thinking this way OR is there really a BEST film manufacturer and I'm not noticing it??
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FSD needs to learn how to read signs

One of the major problems I have had with FSD 12.3.6 is that is does not understand posted signage. Cases in point:
1. Traveling on "State Highway 35" in Wisconsin where the speed limit varies from 55MPH on open stretches to 40MPH around curves to 30MPH thru towns and as low as 20MPH in School Zones "When Children Are Present". So here we are on an open stretch traveling 55MPH when we pass a sign indicating that we are on State Hwy 35 - it's a black&white sign that does not resemble a speed limit sign but the car thinks it is the new speed limit and FSD all of a sudden decides to slow to 35 MPH at which point I either disengage or hit the accelerator to maintain 55MPH lest I get rear-ended. After several repeated instances of this behavior over a few miles, i decided to let it slow down and see if it figures out what the actual speed limit is. It seems that FSD notices the error and after about 5 seconds will, on its own, resume the posted speed. Thus, FSD and/or the car needs to understand exactly what kind of sign it is reading.
2. School Zones: FSD does not understand that it needs to own down in a school zone. This is a bit more complex task than just changing the speed of the car. My experience thru four different school zones is that FSD seems to ignore School Zone speed limits entirely and I had to disengage.
3. Speed Limit signs when going around sharp curves like Exit Ramps. For example, traveling 60MPH approaching a sharp curve that has signs posted to take the curve at 30MPH. FSD did not slow down and I had to disengage and took said curve at 42MPH. This has happened on multiple occasions so I rarely let FSD drive on roads with sharp curves (besides, I sound like my dad: "You're going too fast! Slow down!" And I'm 66 years old now)
4. Construction Zones: FSD sort of seems to know what a construction zone is but does not always seem to read or understand the "Construction Zone Speed Limit" signs -or- to resume the normal speed limit when it sees the "End Construction" sign.
5. Lane Indicator signs and perhaps road surface lane markings. Quite often the Navigation system seems to know which lane should be used in situations where there is, say, four lanes: a right turn only, a forward only, a forward-or-left, and a left turn only lane. FSD has often chosen the right-turn-only lane to go forward because there were cars in each of the lanes covering the lane markings. But there was a lane-indicator sign that FSD ignored. Again, FSD really needs to be able to read and understand all the various sorts of signs and put them into the immediate driving context.
6. Motoring down a freeway at 60MPH. Take an exit that, at the top of the ramp, has a single lane that simply continues onto the side street (there is no stop or yield sign and no merging with traffic on that road). There is a speed limit sign that reads "City-wide Speed Limit 25 unless otherwise posted". Then a few feet later there is a posted speed limit of 30MPH and FSD slows to 30MPH. A few feet after that, I have no idea why, FSD decides the speed limit is now 55MPH! Nope! I do not know what triggers this but it is repeatable. FSD should be more aware of what sort.of street it is on and take that context into consideration when it gets conflicting information.
7. This point isn't a posted sign issue but rather, the lack of a posted sign. Scenario: traveling on a road with a speed limit of 25MPH. Approaching an intersection where the only choice is to turn right onto the highway. Come to a stop sign, stop, turn right onto a highway that has a speed limit of 55MPH but that speed limit isn't posted when turning onto the highway so FSD creeps along at 25MPH on a 55MPH highway. FSD and/or the car Navigation system should know the speed limit for that highway.
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Has anyone any experience with a Dylink Cast Pro to get Apple CarPlay?

I found this and saw some positive reviews on YouTube. Has anyone on here had any experience with them to get Apple CarPlay?


With a 4WD, 400+hp, 4400lbs vehicle, it's a very wise thing to VISUALLY inspect all 4 tires on a regular basis, regardless of its straight tracking.

I'm surprised by the number of posters who come here AFTER thousands of miles of driving with unevenly worn tires, asking for tire warranty replacement, or blaming Tesla for a design flaw.

Inspect your tires. Uneven wear can be seen/felt very early, prior to trashing a tire.

Tire Rotation Pattern?

I have a 2023 Model Y (Long Range) with the 19inch Gemini Wheels. Specifically, I have tbe Pirelli Scorpion MS tires.

I have 6,250 miles on it and went to rotate the tires today.

I lifted from the back lift point and was able to raise the entire side of the vehicle and rotated the front to back and back to front. I repeated it with the other side as well. Just like this…


After reading the manual online, I’m wondering if I was supposed to do the cross pattern? Can anyone confirm?

And is it bad that I lifted the entire side of the vehicle using the one back jack point?

FIXED in 2024.14.6!

Our friends at Tesla finally fixed a Slacker bug that's been driving me crazy. However many months ago it was, the bug came along with an update (duh!). It would restart the tune streaming on Slacker when I got back in the car vs. pause and restart. With update 2024.14.6, it pauses and picks up where are it left, just like before. YAY!

And FWIW, I like the GUI tweaks. So far, I've only noticed the energy bar and turn signals have moved. I'm not sure what else has happened. I like it so far.

Now I 'm down to one significant rant: trigger an audio alert when the BMS sees traffic and turns the repeater camera red... you know, kinda like a normal car! LOL!

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Supercharger - Springwood, QLD

Spotted in the Tesla Owners Australia Facebook Group.
6x V3 stalls in the Woolworths carpark of Springwood Mall (34 Fitzgerald Ave, Springwood QLD 4127)

Created a listing on PlugShare - Springwood Mall (Coming Soon) | Springwood, QLD | EV Station

(Not sure if this is one of the QLD Government funded sites... or we're finally back on after a few weeks pause following the global Supercharger team firing)


Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 15.45.14.png


Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 16.36.20.png


I have a Tesla Model 3 2021. A few days ago I got the message that I have a free one month trial of FS, I have played with it a little just for fun, but don't see much value in it? However, the Autopark feature sound like it could be helpful to me, as I am not very good at parking. Yet I cannot figure out how to use it?

The manual says if driving below 15 MPH, the screen sill show parking space, that one can tap one and the car will park there? However, no matter how slow I drive, I have never seen those highlighted parking spaces? I've tried giving voice commands like "Autopark" or "Park Car", and that doesn't work?

How does one use the Autopark feature? Is it any good?

Why did my Tesla say “I call shotgun” while I was driving? Is it some Easter Egg? Has anyone else had this happen?

Hi all,

Last night I was driving with a friend and my Tesla M3 highland randomly said “I call shotgun” while we were talking.

Has anyone had the car do this before? Is it some Easter egg situation? I vaguely recall that we were talking about how good the car would be at drive-by’s, on account of how quiet it is.

2017 Model S with AP 2.5 received FSD trial

Just got the upgrade somehow and have been using it on local roads.

Car was bought in late 2017 with EAP on MCU 1 and AP 2.5. Later on paid for the MCU 2 upgrade.

Other than that, I never paid for a FSD upgrade or for HW 3. So was a bit confused when I got the notification that the car had a FSD trial activated and confirmed that it is indeed making local road turns. Am I missing something? I thought a car with AP 2.5 or below needed to be brought in for hardware upgrades before FSD could work?

Is it over? YouTube video says EVs are DONE.

First of all, I know I'm preaching to the EV choir here so the responses to this might be biased. Second, not sure if any of you watch Cash's videos but he's been going very negative lately anyway.

Watch his video (as far as you can before getting fed up) and let me know your thoughts.

Is this the end of EVs?

Or are his points mostly NYC problems?

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