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Dolby Atmos Incoming?

Sure why not, here's my "My Life With A Tesla" thread. We all need one, right?

I bought the car in August 2020 for a little road tripping and errand running while we moved off our boat for a few months to explore the country, fully expecting to sell it less than a year later.

Well we sold the boat instead and I've now owned the car nearly 28 months and put over 60,000 miles on it.

We've been to over 100 Supercharger sites (not much in the grand scheme but a lot more than most people).

I charge it regularly on NEMA 14-50 with a mobile connector, but it's also been charged at a variety of hotel Tesla and J1772 EVSEs, as well as months at marinas on NEMA L5-30, and months at AirBnBs on NEMA 5-15.

It's been driven through 25 States, and DC.

The lowest charge I've had it to was 4% I believe?

I've driven over 130 mph.

I've driven an entire day in -4f and in highs over 100f.

No real range anxiety but definitely examples of needing to slow down (actually drive the speed limit) to reach chargers / destinations.

Estimated range has dropped 9.8%.

One new set of tires. One new windshield. A couple gallons of wiper fluid.

One recall for a sensor that I don't even know what it was.

Long distance road tripping definitely takes longer. There's no denying that. We may not see in our lifetime an EV road trip that is as time efficient as a comparable ICE vehicle would be. But even my trips that were two full days of driving were a non-issue for me. I've quickly discovered this is the way I prefer to long distance travel. Even when I'm stuck sitting at a Supercharger for 45 minutes in order to make the big trip leg to the next charger.

But I just hit my six-month-iversary at my new job which means I've been using the car for commuting for six months now. Something I hadn't been using the car for, nor intended to, when I bought it.

If you are commuting in a petrol or diesel vehicle you are living life wrong. This Is Amazing. When I think back to my years of commuting in a Honda Accord and having to stop for gas when I was late to work or on my way home and just wanted to be done with the day ... I NEVER have to worry about that with an EV. I drive 60 miles round trip and plug in when I get home. The next day I have 200+ miles of range. I save approximately $6 in fuel every day. That's roughly $1500 / year. And I don't have to make special trips anywhere wasting my time to put range back in the car. I'd much rather not be commuting, but if I have to, this is the vehicle to do it in.

The Model Y is pretty far from perfect. It's actually noisier than I expected, it's not particularly a smooth ride, and yes those damn panel gaps. But there is not another car I'd rather be daily driving right now.


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Significant reduction in SC pricing

Saw on twitter, confirmed in my car. It seems that the majority of UK Superchargers have now dropped from ~66p to 40-45p peak. Off-Peak charging times also seem to have become wider (Not just late night. It's mainly 4-8 that's considered peak, if I'm reading the new display correctly), and are 5-10p cheaper

Some users reported they need to restart their MCU as there seems to be some cache behaviour. Mine rebooted recently for 2022.40.7

Wholesale prices have been significantly lower lately (Glut of LNG, unseasonably warm weather), so nice to see that passed on

Autopilot buddy code is changed?

Did Tesla change the code to avoid steering boosters? So now what is the requirement to keep AP working? I got strike even I focus on the road and constantly keep a force on the wheel (=install a booster)
AP works for 10 miles and forced AP disengagement happened. Any thoughts? Thanks all.


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    341.8 KB · Views: 107 to 169.3.1 - Significant improvement but.. no report option?

I've had for two days now. Ill-advised lane changes are reduced a lot. Now getting only 2-3 on my 10 non-hwy miles. Was at least double that before. Also, several places on my daily commute that it always struggled with are now handled nicely. However, there is one spot it still struggles with (an extra wide right turn lane - well marked but unusual and it misses it and goes straight and then tries to turn right from the straight lane crossiing across the right turn lane). I went to tap the camera icon to report it and could not find it. Did they take that away now that they are opening the floodgates on beta testers?

2022.36.20 (FSD Beta) ran the red light today

Got my FSD beta today after a long wait.
Set it to the aggressive options with the expectation that it would be conservative and that I need to compensate for it.
To my surprise, it was pretty aggressive for the most part and survived Houston driving without annoying other drivers much.
Too aggressive to the point that it jumped a red light.
Not complaining, I might have driven the same way, but still was not something I expected.
Hopefully, it took into account other factors that there are no other vehicles and running the light was a better choice than slamming the brakes. But still unsettling.
I'm keeping it still
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question - do I report this to tesla, and how?
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Extension cord for supercharger help

Because of the amount of traveling that I do with a tool tray on the back of the car, I wanted to try and get an extension cord for supercharger use. Not looking for anything crazy just only need about 2 to 3 feet which is ridiculous how short these stupid cables are.

I managed to get all of the components including a complete Brand New cable off of a supercharger pedestal so I know the wiring is more than capable of handling the slower charge speed that my car has. Wired it up as a straight through cable, and when I connect up the cable to the supercharger first, my cord will activate the charging door. But for reasons I do not understand, it will not actually enable and start charging. It is straight through, every wire connects directly to the same pin at the other end. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I’m missing?

The ‘Weight’ of EVs

I ordered a M3 RWD yesterday but went in wanting the LR, but I couldn’t get over how heavy the LR felt to drive? Yes it was fast in a straight line, but I really felt the weight in the corners, it was like driving a boat, I didn’t like it at all, that got me worried but then I jumped in the RWD and that was way better, a lot lighter and nimble and the front end felt more sorted and direct, I loved it, and I don’t know why some people say it’s slow? It’s definitely fast enough, but I’m surprised nobody talks about the weight of EVs? I’ve seen heaps of reviews but it’s hardly mentioned? It’s kind of important lol, maybe it’s because I’ve driven hot hatches all my life is why I notice it so much? Anyway hopefully in years to come batteries get a bit lighter?
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Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ - Main Event Lane

Marco found an 88-stall Supercharger located at 370 W Main Event Ln, Quartzsite, AZ 85346 about 1000 ft from the other Quartzsite Supercharger.

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@corywright @Big Earl @Chuq


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Instant impression plants next to charging wiring

Has anyone noticed any of the instant impression (decorative bushy type) plants next to home charge wiring slowly decay and die? This is our second decorative bushy plant we have kept next to the wiring cable - just to hide the wiring cable as it is near our front entrance. I am neither a electrician nor a gardener or has any interest in any of the above. Can anyone explain this weird thing as two expensive pot plants completely decayed and died within 4 months?. Of course, I water them and look after them and they are local variety that grows well in this part of the east. Does electrical energy dissipate so much and affect plants?


I have kind of a dumb question ("There are no dumb..."). We're going to NY Jets game on Sunday and planning on tailgating. I was looking in the manual regarding use of the power point in the rear to keep some chili in a crockpot warm during the tailgate, trying to see whether the 12v or HV battery is used to power it. The only reference I could find was this -

Power is available whenever the vehicle is considered "awake". The vehicle may be awake for many reasons. For example, when using features such as Summon, or when features such as Preconditioning, Cabin Overheat Protection, Keep Climate On, Dog Mode, Camp Mode, Sentry Mode, etc. are enabled. The vehicle is also awake whenever the low voltage battery is being charged or is in use, during HV charging, when the vehicle is communicating with the mobile app, etc. Leaving an accessory plugged in does not deplete the low voltage battery.

The highlighted part made me wonder if the HV battery is used for things like running the audio system and powering the rear power point when the car is awake, as it would be during a tailgate (trunk would be open the entire time). Anyone know for sure? I'd be interested in other's experiences.

The last time we went to a game, I left a crockpot plugged in to the rear power point of my Mazda CX-5 during the game and killed the battery. I'm not going to do that again!

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Why so much of for sale

I am part of a Facebook Tesla for sale by owners group. Lately I have seen a LOT of people just selling their Tesla. Some with few 100 or 1000 miles . Why are people selling them ? When I asked few who were selling M3 and MY they all said they are getting a MS or MX . Which I don’t believe , you don’t buy a Model Y drive for 400 miles or two months and then say my Model X is being delivered.

High Mileage Model S/X Owners and Battery Degradation in Australia

Good Evening:
Just wanted to see how the local community is fairing with Older Model S/X and Battery Loss over time.
My 2015 Model S P90DL is at 199,000km now, and my Battery is down to around 71.5kwh Capacity (67.5 Usable).

Basically at around 16% or so Battery Loss over that time period.
Battery itself seems in fairly good health with very small differences between Cells etc... so that's a positive at least.

God know's how little my effective range would be if I was still running Staggered 21" Wheels and Lower Tyre Pressures.
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Elon: FSD Beta tweets

Elon said:
FSD beta 9 is using the pure vision production code for highway driving. Beta 10 hopefully (Beta 11 definitely) will use one stack to rule them all – city streets, highway & complex parking lots.

Login to view embedded media Elon said:
Yes, a leap in improvements.

Advice needed. Within 30 minutes got a VIN and request to take delivery. Will be out of town

This after I received a text with a VIN. Minutes later another text that I need to schedule my pick for early next week, but I'll be out of town so I need to try to push back delivery

1) Assuming I can push it out does that mean I lose my VIN and now need to wait to get another assigned?
2) I plan on financing but put cash down when I originally ordered. Do I now need to change the payment to financing and if I choose Telsa vs a third party credit union is there a difference? And could this also change my VIN and delivery?
3) Dumb question but if I want to put some money down and finance the rest does that mean two payments are being sent to Tesla? One from me and the other from the bank? I thought I read in the FAQs that you can only make one payment. Also how is that different than financing the entire car and then paying the bank my down payment? Unless the answer is it depends if my lump payment goes against the principal.

I've always leased so this is my first purchase so it's all a little new to me.

I went Tesla solar today!

So it’s been a long wait for my Tesla CyberTruck to come in. And while waiting I decided to get another Tesla product! I went with Tesla solar today and they just finished the install. I will be doing an extensive Vlog series on my cyber truck when it comes in, and to start things off, I did a video on my solar experience with Tesla hope you enjoy it! Login to view embedded media

No way to remote start heated wipers?

It’s all in the title. Was looking for it the other day now that freezing temp days are coming, but it would seem you can only start heated windscreen wipers from the car, and not from the app…
Seems like a huge overlook since that’s really the feature you would need if you need to remotely preheat your car after an icy night… have I missed it somewhere?


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