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Rear seat retractable cupholders?

Hello All! I have searched and found a lot of answers regarding a DIY for adding retractable rear seat cupholders. I am not in the least handy--at all. I have attached a picture of the console style I have now. I have a 2016 Model S P100DL manufactured 8.2016. I can't tell if it was an option at that point or not for my car and trim level. The original owner purchased every available package at the time of purchase so I have to assume it wasn't available but it's hard to tell because of how many changes were occuring in the 2016 year. I do not have usb chargers in the rear of the console either. I am only concerned with adding the retractable cupholders, however, if adding both the USB and retractable cupholders is done together I am fine with that!

My question(s) are: Has anyone had tesla simply add the retractable cupholders to the type of console I have? If so, what was the cost? Alternatively, has anyone simply had tesla switch out their entire console? If so, what was the cost of that?

My wife rides in the back with our toddler and I really want the retractable cup holders and depending on cost for either a retrofit or just replacing the center console I'd consider it but I was hoping some of you all might have already pursued this with Tesla directly and might have numbers or possibilities! Thanks!


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Model 3 sunshades - rear passenger side windows

Anyone aware of Model 3 rear passenger side window sunshade that can be delivered in few days time? I checked the Tesevo.com - looks perfect but will take around 10 days to deliver so may not be useful. The few amazon ones don’t look great and I am sure will be fiddly to install and then fall within a minute.

HW3 Question

Hello All! I have been trying to find a clear answer on this but I can't! Probably because Tesla has so many versions and has changed so many things for so many prices haha. When I take my car in for the MCU2 upgrade next week do I get any HW upgrade? I know I am forever stuck with AP1. I wasn't sure if I even understand the relationship between the MCU2 upgrade and any (if there is) corresponding HW upgrade. Can someone break this down baby style? I have a 2016 P100DL with an 8/2016 manufacture date. As I said, I have AP1 but am getting the MCU2 upgrade next week. Do I get an HW upgrade with that? Do you all know what version it would be? Or is AP1 the same meaning as HW1? Is it part of the MCU2 price or separate? If it means anything, under "specs" I have "Autopilot with Convenience Features". A walkthrough would be greatly appreciated!

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Model S Crash - better to write-off or repair?

Last month, we crashed our Tesla. A 17 year old driver cut in front of us as we were traveling through an intersection. The good news is that both my wife and I are fine.
The Tesla - not so much. At this point, the insurance company(s) haven't even assessed the damage so I don't know if they will write it off or not.
Honestly, the damage looks worse than it is:
  • It's still drivable
  • The air bags didn't deploy
  • The console screen still works fine
  • A tech at the shop told me it's mostly "soft" damage to the plastics and frunk. He thinks the frame is fine.
Assuming the insurance company decides to repair - do I even want that? Would you repair this vehicle?
I have life-time charging (non-transferrable) and just want my beloved Tesla back, but I don't know if I could ever depend on this vehicle again.
Please, any advice would be much appreciated.



Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Question (was: Tesla Level III charger question)

Hello. Quick question. I recently installed my charger at home but have a couple of issues. I followed the instructions and was able to configure the breaker size and add it to my WiFi. However, the lights on the charger only show one light and the app does not record the charges. I configured the app with my utility company and rates but I can’t see the charges and cost in the app when I’ve charged my car. Do I need to add the charger to my app? I do not see where to do that. The attached pics are with my car connected and disconnected.



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Y is as fast as gas!

I've been driving from Central Vermont to Western North Carolina for almost 20 years as my parents retired down there. More recently, since 2019, Tesla's Model 3 LR and Model Y LR. I drove down last thanksgiving and have always taken the approach of good average speeds are best.

Tesla continues to fill gaps in their network. On Interstate 26 in Asheville all the way up to Winchester Virgina, they have done a fabulous build out in the last year with tons of accessible 250's 8 to 12 charger sites.

I decided on the way home to do a charger hop run with all the 250s and avoid long deep charges. 11 total stops. I don't have numbers as it was free charging and it just says miles used.

I was not the fastest car on the road or even close to it from a safety prespective. Driving thru the mid Atlantic between 10pm-5am is quick and enjoyable and probably saves many hours.

The route, just about 1000 miles was done in 16 hours. 1:24PM to 5:24AM Per google maps it should take 14:10-16:50. Left with %80 and arrived at several chargers with 1-2%. Stopped for dinner, stopped for some bathroom breaks.

What impressed me was that rather than deep charging and stopping more the time was comparable and not really lost compared to a gas car.

2021 Model Y LR, OEM Continentals & Aero Wheel Covers
1012 Miles



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Tesla App Doesn't Show Car's Image After Color Change

So I had an order for a Model S since 2021 (that was a pre-order for Europe). The original color option was gray and the Tesla app was showing the car just fine, but when the Ultra Red became available I updated my order to that color.
Since that change, the app doesn't show my car anymore. Initially I thought it was because the color was still new and they haven't added it on the app, but months later and I still don't see any image.

Have anyone else the same problem? If you have an Ultra Red, do you see an image?
BTW, I still haven't received my car, currently on the ship.

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Bluetooth Game Controllers - Latest Update 2023.26

2023 MYLR - Has anyone had any success connecting a PS4 or XBox wireless controller to their car with the latest update installed? I have tried both Xbox and PS4 without success. The Xbox is not seen at all, the PS4 is found and registered as a controller but will not connect. I wondered if it may be because their are no current games that require a controller?

M3 Aussie Specific Build Info and Analysis

A thread to hold discussions on Aussie specific build types amongst the models, different build codes, different options and so forth.

Some themes Ive tried so far:
1. Looking at the Tesla Final Invoice Data
2. Build Code Snooping
3. Aussie Rego Commissioning

So first up looking at Tesla Final Invoice Data

Heres an example of the info you can glean from the final invoice that Tesla issue and how to do an example VIN analysis

Model: Model 3 Performance All-Wheel Drive
Model Year: 2023
Colour: Red Multi-Coat
Title: NEW
VIN: LRW3F7EL4PCnnnnnn
Build Date: 17/03/2023
Engine Number:
Front: TGnnnnnnnnnnnn
Rear: TGnnnnnnnnnnnn

VIN Analysis

VIN: LRW3F7EL4PCnnnnnn

LRW = China
3 = Tesla Model 3
F = 4 Door RHD Sedan (typically Model 3)
7 = 2 Front, 3 Rear Seat Belts, Front Airbags, Side Inflatable Restraints; Active Hood
E = Extended Capacity Lithium Ion Battery
L = Performance Motor – hairpin winding
9th Digit: This is a variable checksum digit, to be assigned by manufacturer
P = 2023 model year
C = Shanghi, China
nnnnnn = Unique serial number
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AGL’s “Night Saver Energy Plan”

AGL has revamped their EV charging plan with a new offer called “Night Saver Energy Plan”. The benefit of this plan is an incredibly cheap 8c/kWh rate between midnight and 6am. You have to provide proof of EV ownership registered at the billing address to be eligible.

I found it hard work to get the actual rate details - AGL on the chat refused to tell me the Plan ID so I could look it up on the Energy Made Easy website unless I provided my home address. In fact I was even told to “not use other websites” 😳. Since I’m not an AGL customer, I wasn’t going to give them my home address.

Eventually I found these rates applied in my area:
  • Peak rate: 57.2c
  • Shoulder rate: 29.524c
  • Off peak: 22.187c
  • Night Saver EV charge: 8c
  • Feed-in tariff: 7c
  • Supply charge: 98.626c / day
  • Carbon offset: $1/week
That’s a pretty compelling set of rates. The big bummer is that 100% Green Power is not available on this plan. Which made me wonder whether AGL cooked this up in order to financially shore up their coal clunkers overnight. If they provided Green Power, then it wouldn’t help that strategy, because then they’d have to pay the money collected to a renewable generator even though they may not be supplying much electricity at that time, and so their coal clunkers would still lose out.

Over the past 12 months, based on my actual 5-minute usage patters, this plan would save me $600 compared to my current plan (which is 100% Green Power) if I included carbon offsetting. Nothing to sneeze at. Over the past 12 months 68% of my grid consumption has been between midnight and 6am, and recently I have been more aggressively using my PW2 to arbitrage offpeak vs peak rates, by charging it up overnight if Solcast predicts poor solar generation the following day.

However carbon offsetting is nowhere near as good as 100% Green Power, and even for $600 p.a. I would feel like I am selling out my principles. So it’s a pass from me.

I Need A Dead Mouse Lackey

Earlier this week my brother opened the glovebox on my M3 and I noticed a mouse scrambling out. He said there were two others. Not a good sign. They had made themselves a nest using the insulation from under the carpeting. When we got home, I opened the glovebox again and saw a dead mouse trapped on the outside of the box at the pivot point on the right side.

This morning when I got in the car, I almost gagged, obviously another dead mouse. Couldn't take care of it until this afternoon. Removed the top kick panel and the smell got much worse. Removed the side panels to pull back the carpeting and saw nothing. Opened the glovebox again and noticed the offending corpse on the left side of the box. Removed the critter then wiped down the relevant areas with Lysol.

Posted a sign banning mice on the garage door, English and Finnish, one never knows in this part of Minnesota.

Model 3–totaled or salvageable [Is this totaled?]


Our 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR was rear-ended in a hit-and-run incident on the highway. We live in NJ and were not at fault, so if any NJ folks — or others — have has experience with this (and I know this is all conjecture), I would welcome anyone’s thoughts. I’m curious if anyone has had similar damage and can share if their car was considered totaled or not. When this happened, a strong smoke smell filled the car (although we don’t know if it was coming from us or the car that hit us) and we had an alert that our battery must be replaced soon after the accident. Thank you.

[rebuilt title] Supercharger inspection failed due to jack point damage

I bought a 2021 M3P earlier this year with a rebuilt title and finally decided to bite the bullet and take it in for a supercharger inspection. I used the superchargers before the blacklist and frequently fast charge on other networks so I didn't expect any issues. Almost immediately after I dropped my car off, I received a message that they had to abort the inspection due to jack point damage. The only option to ever use a supercharger is a $13K battery replacement. For their 10 minutes of work Tesla benevolently lowered the inspection cost from $1,700 to $900. The entire thing is a racket to discourage people from buying rebuilt cars.

I'm not sure where the damage could have come from. I've had to jack the car up once to change a flat tire but can't imagine that I could have done this much damage. I searched and found the lawsuit surrounding jack point damage from the same factory (Fremont) and time period so it could also be that.

Has anyone heard any updates about the lawsuit? Is there anyway that I could have done this much damage just changing a flat?

Also, can some one please explain why damage to the jack point makes it unsafe to run a high voltage battery test? I realize that it's one part but don't get how it would make it unsafe to run tests given that there aren't any battery cells in the jack point. TIA!


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Tesla Model S Plaid

Hello fellow Tesla owners.
I have a BMW EV iX M60 and I'm buying a 2021 Model S Plaid
as a second fun car and I was wondering if it's possible to turn off the feet on pedal and brake chime..
I drive with 2 feet and it's kind of annoying.
I have no problems driving with 2 feet in my BMW EV M60 SUV.
Also is there settings for the regenerative braking like levels or to to turn it off ?

Thanks Dan

Toyota Sienna had more room than Tesla Model X & Y

Right now I own a Tesla Model Y. I've checked out and test driven a Model X but it feels slightly bigger but still gonna be hard to fit something like a bike. Then I saw a Toyota Sienna at the fair at a Toyota booth and I was surprise how massive the interior space is. If I had some Craigslist meet to get used furniture, I would rather use a van like a Toyota Sienna. I've tried moving furniture / bikes in large SUVs like the Lexus LX and ya it is doable but the Sienna I felt had alot more space to work with if you wanted to haul something like an electric beach cruiser bike. It has 3 rows of seating, but if you don't need the 3rd row you can just have tons of leg room for the 2nd row passengers. Or fold down the 3rd row seats and have much more room, or have that 3rd row seating and still have alot of room. Model X which I thought was the biggest electric SUV that you can get can't compare to a Sienna. And the Sienna was cheaper than the Model Y.

I assumed if I wanted the most cargo / hauling space I get a Model X if it's only Tesla. But compared to a Sienna which is like $40k I wish there was a van option for Model X and give customers more options. The Model X would be a really versatile car if it had the space of a Toyota Sienna it feel like a mini apartment.

It would make sense for luxury car companies to have vans because they are roomier. But BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Tesla don't really have options for vans. Which I don't really get, maybe in other countries they might but nothing like as available as a Toyota Sienna. Also I kind of feel I'm missing out not being able to carry a bike with me that I can only use it within a 20 mile commuting area since that's all the range it has and must go home. If the Model X could take a shape of a van, you could do much more activities.

Is there any EV vans out there similar to a Toyota Sienna in space but with an upgraded interior? I think the Model X would be much more roomier if it took the shape of a van instead of an SUV. I was surprised how much bigger a van cargo space is compared to every SUV.

Slaapproblemen Model X

Hoi allemaal,

Graag zou ik deze situatie aan jullie voorleggen en vragen wat jullie hiermee zouden doen. Ik heb een Model X Raven van 2020. Op dit moment staat er 78.000 km op de teller de einde garantie nadert.

Wat mij opvalt is dat de Tesla nooit in slaap gaat volgens TeslaFi. Hij probeert het wel volgens TeslaFi maar het lukt blijkbaar niet. Nu heb ik ook een keer alle USB’s losgekoppeld, Sentry uitgezet en de X ook losgekoppeld van TeslaFi. Dan nog lijkt deze niet in slaap te gaan.

Na een nachtje blijft de batterij percentage weliswaar gelijk maar de Tesla App heeft wel met enkele seconden verbinding met de auto. Dat de App zo snel verbinding maakt geeft toch aan dat de auto weer niet heeft geslapen? Bij mijn Model 3 duurt het soms wel 20 seconden voordat de app verbinding heeft.

Moet ik hier iets mee of kan dit geen kwaad? Ik heb nog maar even garantie, vandaar mijn vraag.

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China’s Abandoned, Obsolete EVs Are Piling Up in Cities

The demand helped juice an industry that has grown exponentially ever since. China is now the world leader in clean cars, producing around 6 million EVs and plug-in hybrids last year, or almost one in every three new cars sold domestically. It accounts for 60% of the world’s current electric fleet, and has the most extensive EV charging infrastructure on Earth — also built with government support.

The graveyards are a troubling consequence of that consolidation. Not only are the sites an eyesore, getting rid of EVs so quickly reduces their climate benefit considering they’re more emissions-intensive to build and only produce an advantage over combustion cars after a few years.


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