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Vibration MX 2020

I own a 2020 MX raven. Since a few months I've noticed a slight vibration inte the steering wheel when driving, even at slower speeds(not when creeping). I've changed the steering gear, aligned the wheels and lubricated the brakes. I've even changed tires. Still Tesla couldn't find anything. Is vibration in the steering wheel normal? I can feel it slightly in the accelerator pedal as well. What should I do?

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Can someone help me identify this leak?


I have a 2023 model 3 that I picked up last Thursday. Today, I was sitting in my driveway playing around on the display and performed a software update. After about 30 minutes I got out of the vehicle and noticed a leak coming from under the vehicle on the rear left side.

I sent a picture to Tesla and they asked if I used my windshield wipers recently. I did clean the windshield with the washer fluid while I was sitting in the driveway.

They said that it was most likely from that but if I didn’t feel safe to drive it then I could have it towed to a service center.

Does anybody know if this is simply washer fluid or something from the battery?

If it’s from the battery, that’s obviously very bad. If it’s from the wiper fluid, does this mean I have a leak/crack somewhere? I would really appreciate some advice. This is the first car I ever purchased on my own and want to make sure I take good care of it. Thank you!


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Choose between 2015 Model S 85D Higher mileage vs low mileage 2015 Model S 90D.

Hi All,

I am planning to finally bite the bullet and buy a used 2015 (or possibly later, budget constrained) Model S. I really need some expert advice on the dilemma that I end up seeing. For example, I saw a high mileage 2015 Model S 85D (with FSUC) vs a low mileage 2015 Model S 90D (no FSUC) with similar features, albeit a little higher price (may be 6K+). So what is more advisable, get the cheaper higher mileage (100K+) 2015 Model S 85D with FUSC or pay up a little more now and get a low mileage 2015 Model S 90D (maybe 60K lesser miles, no FUSC)?

Also I see some concerns about early build MS 90D batteries degrading quicker. What is defined "early"? Is late 2015 considered early? Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Creaking noise after installing new springs on my Model Y

Recently had some Eibach lowering springs installed on my Model Y. Everything seemed to be fine, but recently I started noticing a creak coming out of the front driver side suspension area.

The creak occurs when I am driving or turning at slow speeds. It seems to occur when I start accelerating from a complete stop, or when I am slowing down to turn by letting my foot off the pedal and letting the regen brakes do the braking.

There seems to be some pressure or something rubbing in the suspension arm/spring area. When I jacked the car up, I heard the same sound (first video below) and then it goes away (seems the pressure was relieved). However, after I put the car down and start driving it, the noise comes back after a while (second video).

Does anyone know what this issue is? Is it a bad lower control arm joint? Needs lube in the joint? Something is loose? Or could it be that the springs themselves are defective?

Want to get some opinion here before I bring it into Tesla Service Center was they likely won't warranty anything since I have modified the suspension.

First Video: Login to view embedded media Second Video: Login to view embedded media
Also included some photos of the suspension area to see if anyone can spot something weird: Login to view embedded media
Thank you!
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Parking assist unavailable

I had a question about “parking assist unavailable “ in a 2015 tesla 85D. It results in me not being able to use autopilot, yet it appears “all” sensors work when cars pass by on the road, so why would this alert be in place anyways? To note, sometimes they work and autopilot shows cars around me and has no errors, however more often, the car seems so show when I first start the car that the errors are there there, as well as all autopilot graphics shut off and I have no parking sensor assist or anything related to it. Any clues by chance?

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Driver dashboard screen does not power on

Took delivery of my Model X last week. I notice that very frequently, the dashboard screen does not turn on. The main big screen is on though. Tesla mobile service came in today and factory reset the car but later that evening after about 3 hours I go into the car and get the same problem. Works fine after a reset. But it’s very frustrating to keep doing this every time leaving the car idle after a small gap.

I was told to go to the service center if it continues so trying to get an appointment again. Anyone else seen this? Teams in advance.


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Squeak I can't find for the life of me

I have a squeak/click/rattle on the passenger side that seems to be coming from the dash/glove box area. You should be able to hear it in the video if you turn the volume up. Any suggestions on where to check or anyone that experienced the same thing and ultimately found a solution? It's driving me crazy. https://photos.app.goo.gl/GLvENuobnhYjxMkk6

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Just got rear Ended

Just got rear ended, what’s the damage and what to look for beside fixed at Tesla. Clown distracted as I was stopped in traffics , probably hit me at 50 mph plus impact. I’m a little sore from impact. The police had my car towed away on a flat bed. Can you guys advise the next steps.. I don’t think I I have major impact beside rear lower bumper, trunk and front bumper. Pics are enclosed for reference how to pull the video from sentry recording as well I need to submit to my insurance company. I’m in NJ. Fully insured.


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Tesla Gateway v1 cellular upgrade/replacement?

Anyone aware of a means to upgrade the Tesla Gateway V1 cellular 3G modem?

Tesla installed Q.cell panels, SolarEdge invertors, Tesla Powerwalls, and Tesla Gateway (v1) at the end of May 2020.
AT&T announced the end-of-life of their 3G cellular support in July 2020 with an expected end date in February 2022.

Gateway had previously been connected via Ethernet over house electrical wiring and had the 3G cellular option as a backup.

Last night during a grid outage was the first time I had noticed that this function was gone and that it had some sort of effect on how I use, reach, and monitor the system.

The outage last night also impacted the Internet service provider beyond the house too.

Without the cellular connectivity even with having paired the phone to the Gateway/Powerwalls I was unable to do anything with the system.

The app while connected to the Internet via my phone was able to get the last known state of the system and continued to report that for about 15 minutes of the outage.

The app eventually reflected the outage with a message about not having current information.

We had power through the duration of the grid outage, but no way through the app to monitor remaining charge levels in the batteries.

I could of course, buy a cellular modem for the house or one that uses the Ethernet port of the gateway. But, that is less desirable to me than seeing if Tesla might have an upgrade program for the cellular model and continue to have them pay for the cellular connection fee with the carrier.

Edit: I could have web browsed to the gateway to see the status, but I would prefer to use the app only. As well as that requires being physically present by the gateway too.

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My app doesn't show Charging Stats or Active Upgrades information

Relatively new MY owner here.

It was purchased under my wife's name as the primary and it turns out she has some things on the app that I don't have an authorized driver: charging stats, ability to renew and cancel upgrades.

How can I also get these abilities added to my app? Can I make my account an "owner account" as well so I can manage upgrades and also view charging stats?

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Tesla Model Y Charging Port Button Issue: Won't Open with Wall Connector Button

Hello fellow Tesla owners,

I'm encountering a peculiar issue with my Tesla Model Y's charging port and I'm seeking advice from the community. I've owned the vehicle for less than a month, and I'm unable to open the charging port by pressing the button on the wall connector. However, I can still open it using the Tesla mobile app and the car's screen.

I made an interesting observation that the button on the wall connector only works when the trunk is open. Has anyone else experienced this specific issue with their Model Y? If so, I would greatly appreciate any insights or solutions you may have found.

I'm curious to know if there is a way to fix this issue or if it requires a service appointment. Your experiences, troubleshooting steps, or suggestions for resolving this problem would be immensely helpful.

Thank you all in advance for your input and assistance!
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