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    How does the car know what the speed limit is?

    The speed limit sign in the display can be useful if the driver enters a road and the next speed limit sign is not for a while, but how does the car know what the speed limit is? Is it through interpreting speed limit signs seen by the cameras? If so, then that has the same limitation as a...
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    Is this plug in my garage any different than a regular plug?

    As a bonus, those outlet testers will also show if the outlet is incorrectly wired if it is live.
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    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    What are the practical differences between the "Carpet Interior Mats" and "Rugged Textile Interior Mats"?
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    Is this plug in my garage any different than a regular plug?

    It is a NEMA 5-20 receptacle, which can accept NEMA 5-15 or 5-20 plugs. NEMA 5-15 is the typical three prong found all around your house. It is supposed to be connected to a 20A circuit which would allow 16A 120V EV charging if there is nothing else drawing power on the circuit. However, if...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Cost depends on how difficult getting to the outlet from the main panel is, and whether you need a main panel upgrade. You would need to use 14-50 for 40A (good for 32A EVSE use) or 50A (good for 40A EVSE use). 14-30 should only be used for 30A (good for 24A EVSE use).
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    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    If you are not playing games on the screen, does it really matter that much which processor (Ryzen or Atom) it is? Seems like if you are just using it for regular car stuff, the more significant recent changes would be the LFP traction battery (in the SR+/RWD model) and the L-NMC 12V battery.
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    Tesla lowers Model 3 range estimates in Europe due to extra power consumption of AMD Ryzen processor

    Note that in the US, EPA economy (not range) for the 2022 RWD (138/126) is lower than for the 2021 SR+ (150/133 L-NCA or 149/132 LFP) for some reason. Doubtful that this has anything to do with Ryzen chips.
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    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    A Ryzen for embedded applications uses up to 54W running at full load, which would only be intermittent when running software that the slower Atom can run. Even running at full load continuously (like if it were crypto mining in the background), it would take 18 hours to consume 1kWh or 4.5...
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    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    The 2021 SR+ L-NCA (262 mile range) had EPA economy of 142 (150/133). The 2021 SR+ LFP (253 mile range) was reported by some to have Monroney labels showing EPA economy of 141 (149/132). But the 2022 RWD LFP (272 mile range) has EPA economy of 132 (138/126). Any particular reason for this...
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    How to charge at home whenever plugged in, except during peak hours?

    (Assume ~30A 240V home charging.) How does one tell the car or app to: 1. Charge whenever plugged in at home, 2. Except during designated peak hours (e.g. 3pm to 9pm, or 15:00 to 21:00 for 24 hour clock users). ? For example, is there a setting that will do all of the following without...
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    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    There are cars where the HVAC controls are three pointer dials -- one for temperature, one for fan speed, and one for which vents are open. You can tell by feel what each one is set at, and turn them to the desired setting without looking at them. However, this type of setup seems to be...
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    Tesla lowers Model 3 range estimates in Europe due to extra power consumption of AMD Ryzen processor

    It's the old "use stuff out of the parts bin that works instead of spending time and money reinventing it", where the "stuff out of the parts bin" is the existing software.
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    How much jack height to lift both wheels?

    How do you jack up the car and then put a jack stand under the same corner, since the designated jack point is big enough for either a jack or jack stand, but not both? Or do you have to use one of the special jack stands, or jack up using a 4x4 and then put jack stands under the 4x4?
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    Tesla lowers Model 3 range estimates in Europe due to extra power consumption of AMD Ryzen processor

    Computer review web sites suggest that some models of AMD Ryzen use up to 200W when fully loaded during benchmark testing (but idle power consumption is more like 20-60W). But AMD's web site lists the models intended for embedded use as 54W or less. Current Tesla software that presumably has...
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    2021 Model 3 LR with yoke steering wheel

    Perhaps those who want the yoke steering for their Model 3 may want to find someone with a recent Model S who does not like the yoke steering to trade with.

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