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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    Yes 3.10.12 but no SERVICE — bizarre. Did get an appt on the phone after a 25 min hold — 6 weeks out despite my explanation that PW was discharging to the grid, possibly illegally— for which they sent no email or text confirmation so now I will have to call back near then to reconfirm. David
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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    So something inside Tesla has realized my system is not behaving properly, so they texted me the below and requested I schedule service. 1. But I have no "Service" option on my Gateway Home page -- any tips on how I'm supposed to schedule service? Tried logout / login... 2. When they come out...
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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    That's good to know. I've never not had a Nuerio so I'm not familiar with what data is collected without one. My Tesla electrician said that the Neurio current transformer positioned around my PGE feed to the main breaker is how the Tesla App actually knows what my current draw is. Without a...
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    My Powerwall is discharging to the Grid (App or Neurio issue or both?)

    That's an interesting idea but it has taken me so long to triage and document the current behavior that I'm going to take a break from troubleshooting and see if Tesla comes back with anything helpful. It is obviously beneficial to be charging my PW at 0.18 / kWh and then sending it right back...
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    Santa Clara County retroactively Changing ESS Rules

    My 2 x PW installation in Los Altos (Santa Clara County) was completed last week and successfully passed city inspection. Powerwalls were mounted on the outside wall of a garage next to a door and beneath an inoperable window. It took multiple discussions with Tesla as well as a site visit from...
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    My Powerwall is discharging to the Grid (App or Neurio issue or both?)

    The Tesla App screenshots don't show it, but the only way that the PGE meter shots make sense (to me) is if the PW is being discharged back to the Grid. If you compare second and third screenshots, I think the app is incorrectly showing my Household load, and if you compare fourth and fifth...
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    My Powerwall is discharging to the Grid (App or Neurio issue or both?)

    Two Powerwalls installed four days ago with Neurio monitor, Time-base control showed up shortly thereafter and I set it to Cost Savings with 20% reserve. Here in Northern California, Peak is 3p to 12 midnight, off-peak is 12 midnight to 3p. My quiescent Household load ranges from 0.5 kW (fridge...
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    P90D Auto Insurance

    Yes it can make sense -- a low deductible on Collision is what drives premiums so high. If u rarely have claims a high deductible will easily pay for itself many times over during the course of a lifetime of insured driving. -- David
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    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    I'm also experiencing an increased loss of rated range when not driving since upgrading to 7.0, but it's even worse than you. In 75 degree weather, starting with 147 rated miles at 9:30 am, you can see from the screenshot below that there are 4.8 miles unaccounted for (147 less 111 remaining...
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    Firmware 7.0

    Left scroll wheel doesn't Mute when "too close warnings" appear on the Dashboard UI Anyone else notice this? If you're too close to the car in front of you, such that the Dashboard UI "left slot" gets replaced by the top-view of the car showing you're too close, then the Left Scroll wheel no...
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    Backed into at Home Depot - Interested in y'alls input

    Find someone in your area experienced with PDR (paintless dent removal) on aluminum bodies. If they can get access to the bumper from behind they can fix it in a matter of minutes for ~$200 or less. -- David
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    30 KW at mountain view charger.......

    If you're ever planning to be there on a Mon 11:30 am - ish, PM me and we can chat Tesla over lunch. -- David
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    30 KW at mountain view charger.......

    Country Deli -- yum! My usual is the "Club with Freshly Roasted Turkey" -- I hope they get a bump up in business due to their proximity to the Mt View SC... -- David
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    2014 P85D Owners... hindsight? regrets?

    I had this problem and there's a simple fix -- apply a small piece of moleskin to the side of the front console and it will stop the squeaking. -- David
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    Looking for community input on Model S Options

    Surprised no one has mentioned this, but since you're in SoCal, skip the UHFS and spend ~$1500 more and do the Reus upgrade. Superb audio is important to me and in a quiet car like a Tesla, the Reus system delivers; PM me if you would like to discuss further. (BTW you won't get XM with the solid...

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