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  1. ADEEL421

    Need advice on buying a high mileage 2017 Model S75

    Agree. Plus on a 2017 they replaced the motor and battery in just this much miles. That’s fishy. 2017 is a fairly new car and shouldn’t have a motor problem. I expect battery to last more longer. Be careful. Something doesn’t add up here. I saw the exact same car on offersup in Boston.
  2. ADEEL421

    Summon disconnecting all the time

    I have the same exact issue when getting my car out of garage. Never works via cell phone. Always disconnects. So I gave up. I use my key fob to summon it out and it works fine with key fob. The phone never gives me issues when I am in open and not connected to WiFi. I have low LTE signal inside...
  3. ADEEL421

    Summon disconnecting all the time

    And now exactly do you make sure you connected to Bluetooth and not WiFi?
  4. ADEEL421

    FSD beta for all?

    i doubt it will be released anytime soon now due to the recent Tesla accident that happened as they haven't released any in fo if the car was on autopilot/FSD pilot or not. hopefully it was the drivers fault and it dont get blamed to the car. i also hope he recover soon as he was reported to be...
  5. ADEEL421

    I traded in my Model S for a Prius Prime

    so I upgraded from a 2013 Prius to a MS in aug of 2019...so far LOVING the experience however i cant say anything bad about prius...def the most ugly looking car I have ever owned but definitely the most reliable car i have ever owned. saying they dont depreciate is not right. i lost half of...
  6. ADEEL421

    speaker upgrade M3

    Anyone here did the speaker upgrade on their Model3 with light harmonic speaker kit? I bought the speakers but I am not sure how to install the front 3 dash speakers that are mounted behind the screen on top of dash. the ones for doors are straight forward but I cannot find any guide or video...
  7. ADEEL421

    Anyone missing a model S in Southern California?

    How can one steal a Tesla? I thought it’s very secure and can’t be stolen?????
  8. ADEEL421

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    good idea but I don’t see any enclosure on eBay that will fit my 2017. All the ones I see is from the 2012-2015 year model enclosures which I believe are different and won’t fit my model.
  9. ADEEL421

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    I guess I’m stuck with a LH sub that I can’t use now. Paid 399 plus tax for nothing. :( If anyone interested let me know
  10. ADEEL421

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    nice...do you have the basic sound system before install and how did you install the NVX sub. I bought a sub from LH but it just came by itself. No case or anything so I’m clueless how will I install it. I’m not sure where can I pickup the NVX sub and amp.
  11. ADEEL421

    It's official!!! Tesla is about innovation, NOT luxury! :)

    I’ll take innovation over luxury any day! If I want luxury I can buy a used Mercedes S class any day for so cheap as they loose value and keep it as my side car but I care less. I rather have the technology!
  12. ADEEL421

    Sentry Mode bust!

    Totally agree. it sounds like when people label bad persons doing a bad act and tie it to their religion saying oh he is this religion that’s why he did that. So stupid. regardless of their party or believes, the act is bad. It’s totally on them and is unacceptable no matter what!
  13. ADEEL421

    Strange noise when my new 2021 Model S locks and unlocks

    Take it to service center. They should fix it. Most of the Mobil techs who come out are clueless. This one time this mobile service guy came and told me oh I do stuff for Tesla on side. I can go sound barriers on your doors for you for 200bucks ‍♂️
  14. ADEEL421

    Sentry Mode bust!

    Insane. I just don’t understand why people do this kind of stuff. Shame on him. so glad you found him. He should be publicly humiliated for this act!!! Hope this video gets viral so everyone who knows him sees it. Send it to WamBam Tesla cam YouTube channel!
  15. ADEEL421

    Diy ceramic coat after professional paint correction

    Well said it’s nothing but a scam! I did a lot of research and decided to just so it myself with almost close to same results.

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