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    Gloves that work with the Tesla touchscreen?

    Thanks. I lost my Burton gloves, so bought replacements from Costco. I tried on the Head Gloves, but went with the Adidas. Poor choice, it seems! :)
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    Gloves that work with the Tesla touchscreen?

    Does anyone have driving gloves they use that work with the Tesla touchscreen? I have some Adidas glove liners and my wife some Burton gloves and both work well with our phones, but apparently the technology on the Tesla screen is a bit different. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pair...
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    Supercharger Station Price Increases

    (550 miles per hour)(1/12 hours) = 45.8 miles of range. Around here $3.61 is lower than the price of a gallon of premium fuel, a bit higher than 87 octane. So that would be close to 46 mpg equivalent.
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    Phantom text messages

    I have had this happen many times in the past couple months, but never before that (took delivery of my 3 in June 2018). Often, when someone texts me while driving, I also get a random year's-old text as well. One was from a text string in 2017 - well before I even owned the car. These texts...
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    White Interior worth $2k or not?

    Cosmetics are definitely a YMMV thing, but if both were the same price I would pick black. I certainly would not pay more for white.
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    driver settings [do driver profiles automatically switch?]

    This happens all the time to me. Even when my wife and her phone are nowhere near the car.
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    Vendor We're the makers of 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats.

    I have had these mats for 3 years now and the durability/cleanability is great. My driver's side mat has deformed just a little, however so it has curled away from the floor by the door and leaves a gap of ~1/2". Is there any recommended product that would get the matt to adhere back to the...
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    Tesla self driving . Do you get less tired

    Very good points. For long trips on the highway I find it far less fatiguing (though I wonder if no engine vibration also helps?), but in traffic situations the description of taking a teenage driver on to the highway seems apt. I almost never use NoA, because the Tesla's ability to change...
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    Auto high-beam question?

    I have the opposite problem! Mine come on frequently on residential streets where they are not needed, so I disable the auto high-beams. But every so often, the car decides to turn them on again. (Maybe it's after software updates? I haven't tracked closely.)
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    Should I get PPF on my new midnight silver Model 3?

    I've had my car for a little over 3 years now. I thought about PPF, but decided against it. 3 years later, I do not regret that decision.
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    I installed that filter last summer. I cleaned it this weekend when I did the spray/cleaning of the coil. It was covered with junk (far more than the air filter ever had been) so installing seems like it was a good idea. But installing it did not help with the smell since that is still related...
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    I bought those filters... and just replaced them this weekend. They were nice, but still got the smell eventually. Activated carbon only adsorbs so much material (~25% or it's weight for many organic compounds) until it no longer works.
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    Supercharger Station Price Increases

    I did not! That would have been good to know. Thanks.
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    Supercharger Station Price Increases

    Since the supercharger knows your car when you plug in, it seems they could implement a tiered strategy where it was more expensive if you were charging within, say, 100 miles of your home address. But perhaps there are legal reasons they couldn't do that, or perhaps there is no way to prove an...
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    Superchargers need “targets”

    I wish the London, KY supercharger at least had lines. It's hard to back up properly there.

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