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  1. ai4px

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    I think you are thinking of RS422.... RS422 has a transmitter on one pair and RX on the other pair. RS485 is semi-duplex (is that a word????) Multi drop and any device can acccess the line by checking to see if in use and asserting it. Usually there is a host that sends a query and that one...
  2. ai4px

    Model S battery warranty

    Our 2014 model S 16 has a battery issue presently. My power display shows that my power is limited to 200 kW instead of 250 kW. We’ve had Tesla do a cooling system diagnostic and they found a problem. Tesla continue to make recommendations and replaced our contactor for free. But none of this...
  3. ai4px

    Reduced power but no error code

    2014 MS60 has been super charging slowly for the last year, seldom getting over 80 kW, tapering to 50 kW really quickly. It’s not cold here at all yet I have a little yellow dashed line on my binnacle display that indicates top end power is reduced… The same sort of dashed lines that show you...
  4. ai4px

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    This thread is all about the GEN 2 HPWC... do you have a GEN 3 unit with wifi? I'm not sure there's anything for that one yet.
  5. ai4px

    Squeaky front suspension

    My car did this and it was covered under warranty. Its a known issue of the upper control arm.
  6. ai4px

    Thoughts on Pickup Truck Beds

    I'm a little late to this thread.... but it seems unloading will be super easy. Drop the rear suspension like one of those "Carolina squat" trucks and hammer down. The massive acceleration of the CT will have that pallet on the ground in short order. I bet it would even be like a coyote /...
  7. ai4px

    Polishing the CT

    I did see one with an 8ball ... so spray paint?
  8. ai4px

    Polishing the CT

    Guys, I've been thinking about putting "shark teeth" on the side of the truck like an old WW2 airplane. Oh and some pinup nose art too. Oh and anyone remember the fake softball in the broken window sticker? yeah, probably that too.
  9. ai4px

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    HA! My mother is on her way to the Keys and stopped here. I didn't see it in plugshare or in the supercharge info website so I came here to mention it... and it's ALIVE... you guys already knew!
  10. ai4px

    Looking for nice way to stop charging

    I may end up using some of the digital inputs on teh rasp pi zero to assert a stop rather than using MQTT.... have to stretch by python programming skills.
  11. ai4px

    Looking for nice way to stop charging

    We’re going off grid and I’m looking for a way to signal to one of three hpwc gen2’s (master) to signal the cars to stop charging. Brute force would be to use a contactor to kill 240v. We have 12kw of inverters and I need the cars to stop charging if the hvac compressor needs to start and/or I...
  12. ai4px

    Cybertruck FSD price history

    Mine is showing $10,000 instead of the $7000 when I pre-ordered. They need to fix that.
  13. ai4px

    Supercharger - Hilton Head Island, SC

    It was working a few months ago. Maybe there's a CCS charger being installed and that's the one your dad went to? Once upon a time I had a friend text me and say very excitedly that there was a tesla supercharger in Mt Pleasant. Turns out it was the HPWC's at that shopping center. lol.
  14. ai4px

    Adjusting charging amps remotely?

    There is a project on another thread here about using a raspberry PI zero to act as a "master" in the gen 2 HPWC units. The PIzero then connects to a MQTT server in your house that instructs it what the max current draw is. All you then need is the solar inverter to tell the MQTT server what...
  15. ai4px

    Molded Rubber Floor

    The idea of shooting the whole CT with rhinoliner is intriguing. There's details like window seals though. Maybe only do it below the midline of the body? But hey , the lack of curves means a lot of folks are going to be vinyl wrapping at home.

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