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  1. aija SigX 649

    Floor mats on new AP 2.0 Teslas

    A couple additional points from personal experience: ToughPRO pluses Fit well Look so/so IMO: they don't look terrible and do the job relatively inexpensive ToughPRO minuses Stunk up the car for over a month! (included air freshener did little to help cover up the heavy chemical odor) Look...
  2. aija SigX 649

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Not sure about all that but the minimum mileage is definitely going up!
  3. aija SigX 649

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Wait, what if the windshield goes "live" on all Model S/X vehicles with 8.1 SW (HW installed just dormant) - could explain the double vision / ghosting no-fix! That would be super awesome ..but likely just wishful thinking on my part. :cool:
  4. aija SigX 649

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Model 3 part 2 + 8.1 SW feature (to also be pushed to Model S & X)
  5. aija SigX 649

    First Model X with 8.0

    Thanks for the info. I take mine in on 11/1. Hope they can address the misalignment without too much disassembly. I find maintenance a slippery slope and avoid it as much as possible - that includes the dentist as well ;)
  6. aija SigX 649

    First Model X with 8.0

    Wonder if this has anything to do with the delayed roll out to Model X owners.
  7. aija SigX 649

    Free trial offer for autopilot

    Interesting. So this is an up-sell? I assume that those who are getting this message did not buy the autopilot convenience package, yet their cars were HW equipped for future purchase via SW enable?
  8. aija SigX 649

    My Tesla App ("My Tesla Could Not Be Reached At This Time")

    I have the same issue at the moment. Worked this morning when I checked up on my car which is at a detailer, but no longer reachable this afternoon. Selfishly, the fact that others are encountering this issue at this time makes me feel a bit better as I was starting to think the detailer was...
  9. aija SigX 649

    First Model X with 8.0

    What type of spoiler repair are you having done, if you don't mind me asking? I scheduled an appointment to have my spoiler alignment issues looked at. Mine sticks up on one side, dips down on the other, and comes close to rubbing on the back edge when being stowed (gap disproportionate from...
  10. aija SigX 649

    Recent Model X build quality

    Has anyone had spoiler alignment issues addressed? Mine dips on one side and sticks up on the other when stowed. Wondering if it's a big job to adjust. The issue is noticeable enough to bother me, but not sure if I want it fixed if it means a lot of disassembly work. Things tend to never go...
  11. aija SigX 649

    Additional USB Port in 3rd Row Seat Area

    Yeah, I've never been back there and my kids apparently have not discovered it until the other day :)
  12. aija SigX 649

    Mirror Auto Tilt/Swing in Reverse is Adjustable!

    Page 40?? ..no wonder i didn't know about it :)
  13. aija SigX 649

    Additional USB Port in 3rd Row Seat Area

    I just noticed that there is an additional USB port in the 3rd row seat area. It is a bit hidden so not sure if everyone knows that it exists. There is a small slot integrated into the front-bottom portion of the plastic cupholder housing between the two seats (sorry no pic). I plugged in a...
  14. aija SigX 649

    Mirror Auto Tilt/Swing in Reverse is Adjustable!

    Wanted to share my discovery is case others did not know this adjustment existed. I was frustrated with how far my passenger side mirror swung out and did not tilt down nearly enough while parking in reverse to be useful. It dawned on me yesterday to try adjusting it while the car was in...
  15. aija SigX 649

    "Ghost Car" problem with auto-pilot. Anybody else?

    Just a thought ..wondering if the chrome bumper (rounded corner?) on the van to the right has anything to do with it. Mirrored-Image/Reflection/Magnification maybe? Would be good to know if this is a constant the next time it happens.

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