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  1. AlexanderAF

    Who needs a roadster when you have model s plaid?

    I'm sticking with the Roadster. When the Model S "refresh" Plaid and Plaid+ specs were released, I strongly considered just trading in my current car for one of those. Having those strong performance numbers while having practical features like comfortable rear-seats, a rear infotainment...
  2. AlexanderAF

    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    They are awaiting Edison. They said a few days to a few weeks. They are most definitely without a doubt in my mind V3 250 kW Superchargers, and I like that they are at the outer edge of the parking lot as opposed to near the front. This’ll hopefully keep down the number of ICE incidents.
  3. AlexanderAF

    CCS1 to Tesla Adapter is being developed by Tesla Korea Club.

    Without permission or a licensing agreement with Tesla, it will probably not work on a Tesla car. The car is likely not equipped to handshake with CCS fast chargers, and will not initiate the charge.
  4. AlexanderAF

    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    This is exactly where I need a supercharger. I live on-base at Edwards and I go to LA pretty often. Unfortunately, the super chargers in LA get really crowded anytime I’m on the road. I get it, people there rent and have no place to charge at night. But this will allow me to run to LA and...
  5. AlexanderAF

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    I will definitely be using this when visiting my wife’s family! I’ve been to that Meijers, Best Buy, and Kohl’s many times.
  6. AlexanderAF

    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    Funny part is...I wasn’t going to buy the truck until after I saw it. Now I’m a tri-motor reservation holder.
  7. AlexanderAF

    Living and sleeping in a Cybertruck?

    I used to think this, too, until I worked in Los Angeles for 5 years. My wife and I both have high-paying jobs and rent was massive and buying a house was out of the question. There are tons of good jobs out here, but housing prices are so insane that living in your car doesn’t seem so...
  8. AlexanderAF

    Okay, I think down the road I’m getting one. Here’s why.

    So...was watching first-ride videos on YouTube and decided why not put my plan into action. I have a tri-motor reserved for delivery in late-2022 (which I expect may get pushed to 2023). Plenty of time to enjoy my M3P, and I’ll replace it with the ultimate road-trip truck down the road! The...
  9. AlexanderAF

    Okay, I think down the road I’m getting one. Here’s why.

    I bought my Model 3 Performance for speed practicality, and range. It’s a beautiful sedan, but I wish it could be a bit more... aggressive-looking. I’ve been a muscle car enthusiast my whole life and always enjoyed aggressive-looking, fast cars. Well, for about what I paid for the Model 3...
  10. AlexanderAF

    I think it will look badass driving on the road

    They have one on their website: Cybertruck Honestly, this is going to draw a lot of attention on the road as it looks like absolutely nothing out there. I think it looks really good from the front and back, but definitely not from the side. If it was a smooth curve at the top rather than a...
  11. AlexanderAF

    Model 3 Performance runs a 10.58 1/4 mile.

    They clearly didn’t measure the track correctly...
  12. AlexanderAF

    My experience at the Jaguar and Audi Dealerships today for their EVs

    Dealer eyes your attention over to the back where Al Gore has a sniper rifle trained on him :P
  13. AlexanderAF

    I think I just saw a prototype for the redesigned Model S...

    The car looks taller because it is most likely skewed from the camera. The camera shutter passes over the sensor from left to right, so if the car is moving from left to right it will get squished. If it was still it wouldn’t be distorted. Similar to how an ambulance sounds high-pitched as it’s...
  14. AlexanderAF

    Tesla's Referral Program - no more free Roadster 2.0?

    I got my fifth referral a week ago, so I guess I’ll wait and update if a secret level pops up. Either I lose all my hair from the missed opportunity, or my dopamine receptors all fire up like Christmas lights if I see the secret level.
  15. AlexanderAF

    Tesla's Referral Program - no more free Roadster 2.0?

    Well if that’s the case I missed the boat by...two weeks (bangs head on table)

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