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    FSD 10.5 Issues

    I noticed improvement since I got it in 10.3 over all, but my biggest issues are this (all based on my commute to work which has a good mix of weird conditions): 1- Speed limit drops from 45 to 35, car drops from 50-40 on the IC but the car does not actually slow down very much . A quarter of a...
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    Thanks for the response I tried rebooting several times. Screen turns off after a few seconds like normal but then about 1 minute passes and the screen just pops back on like nothing happened. No logo , no hearing car shut down , none of the normal reboot stuff we are used to .
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    This is now happening to my wife's 2020 M3. Same exact thing as OP right down to the reset procedure. Very frustrating indeed. She has scheduled a service, hopefully others are experiencing this and they are aware of it prior to hers. Ill post back when we hear something BTW, got update...
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    DEH-X4600BT, what is this?

    That looks like a Pioneer HU designation...
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    Procedure when FSD beta misbehaves?

    I just took it on another trip, same route , and it drove perfectly over the RR track area this time. One difference is that this time I was behind another car so that might have helped it ....or it "learned" already ... kind of scary lol I did notice this time that I got a "saved" message...
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    Procedure when FSD beta misbehaves?

    Hello, took FSD out for a spin this morning for the 1st time. I navigated to my office which is only about 6 miles but has a good mix of weird traffic situations. Anyway , I hit the camera icon but I did not notice any indicator that anything happened so this got me wondering what are we...
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    Safety Score

    Downloading now. Been stuck at 99 for almost 2 weeks (actually it was the Friday before the release to the 100/100) Never did reset and had 3 FCW on the 1st day and a few daily scores in the low 90s the first 5 days. since then mostly 100s and a few 99s 2020 Raven S LR (not +) and no cabin...
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    Safety Score

    I just got dinged with FCW for an on coming car in their own lane??? ( and yes, I was in mine) It was on a little "S" turn kind of jog in the road but I was still surprised by it. I hit the dashcam for kicks but I doubt Tesla cares about my one issue . I never get FCW warnings and since I have...
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    2021.32.10 bug?

    another one here
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    Showing SiriusXM Favorites

    Sorry to resurrect old thread but thought it better than starting a new one. Had this problem for over a year and through many updates. Service center even saw it and did not know what was up. That has finally been fixed (hopefully) with most recent 2021.24 update. But now that I see my...
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    90% of service cable and transformer rating cap

    Brett, was wondering how this turned out? I am currently waiting on Duke after my 18kw install (200amp service) and was just curious if you needed any upgrades from Duke? Thanks
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    Brake failed and almost crashed

    Agree with your assessment, but the 4 shops I worked at over the course of my career would have replaced soft lines in pairs. I could see the case not to also, but for such a small investment I guess my bosses just figured it was worth piece of mind maybe. I was young and impressionable, so the...
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    Brake failed and almost crashed

    Its actually std practice to do brake work evenly (same thing to both sides)..at least in a reputable shop Also, it could be a CYA thing for them if there is in fact a manufacturing/ design issue. But if that were the case I would think we would have heard about it by now???
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    Brake failed and almost crashed

    ConrneliusRox...pictures paint a thousand words...perfect!
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    Brake failed and almost crashed

    My bet is blow-by in the master cyl (one of the piston seals fails and the pressure blows by) resulting in diminished brake pedal. It can happen in all cars . I spent 1st half of my working career as an AISE certified tech . While this is scary in any car, it does happen to all makes and...

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