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    Service in Houston besides the SC

    Great suggestion on TireRack for the parts. I had no idea they sold brakes. Now, for the trusty mechanic...I don't have one...and the few referrals that I have called will not work on Tesla.
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    Service in Houston besides the SC

    The whole car vibrates when slowing down from 60 if I need to use the brakes. It is hard for me to tell whether it is the front or rear rotors, although I think it may be rear because I had the fronts turned by Brake Check about 1 year ago. Yes, the steering wheel shakes as well, which tells me...
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    Service in Houston besides the SC

    I need to get some brake work (warped rotors) and an alignment done on my 2017 S. I know I can go to the service center, but they are outrageously expensive, so I wanted to ask if anyone has used an independent mechanic or shop that is familiar with Tesla's around Houston. Most places that I...
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    S100D Air Conditioner Cuts out on Humid Days?

    i have a 2017 S75, and this has happened several times in the past month. Very uncomfortable here in Houston....I took it to the service center last year and they replaced a part which showed a fault, but the problem is still there. Is this still an issue? I am on the latest software revision.
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    Slipstream vs Arachnid?

    i debated this exact situation 2 years ago. i thought and thought and thought about it, but did not like the look of the Slipstreams. I put the Arachnids on and never looked back. They are still very smooth and maybe a bit louder, but its all what you get used to. I don't even notice them any...
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    21" Tires

    Update - Mounting is only $20 per tire. Cost of tire is $216 plus $20 mounting = $236 per tire Even if i buy from Discount Tire direct, they still charge me $20 to mount per tire. That being said, i went ahead and ordered the same Michelin's that I have now. They have done well enough for me...
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    21" Tires

    So, its time for me to get some new rubber on my Model S. I have the Michelins that come with the Arachnids now, and have been very happy. I was planning on sticking with those, but came across the Continentals at the same price ($350ish). Any experience with these? Do these have the sound...
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    Console Organizer

    Has anyone used this before? Looking to purchase for my 2017 S. Any feedback is welcome. Tesla Model S Model X Center Console Organizer, Armrest Storage Box and Cup Holders Centre Organizer Tray for 2016 2017 2018 Thanks in advance.
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    New Bluetooth bug in v9

    Maybe, but mine happens while listening to radio, not streaming from my phone.
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    New Bluetooth bug in v9

    This is what happens to me. I use a Bluetooth Headset while driving. It is much quieter than the BT in the car. If i am on the phone, then park, then open the trunk to get my bag out, the radio immediately turns on. Even after i close the trunk and lock the car, the radio is still on. All...
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    New Bluetooth bug in v9

    Mine has been doing this i got the car in December 2017. Nothing new here.
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    New owner Trip Question

    Also, turn off your cabinet overheat protection and preconditioning. I have a 75 as well, and have had to make a couple of trips like that, and it definitely gets close. Remember that wind speed will also affect you. I suggest going 65 on the way there, and if you have enough battery, then you...
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Try driving at exactly 7 mph, and see if the issue is consistently reproduced. Mine does. I took it to the SC last week, and they said this was a new one. They were going to do some research and get back to me. My struts have already been replaced multiple times.
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    when the noise is happening, can you feel it in the steering wheel? I can on mine.
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    just to make certain that I have the same issue, if you drive at 5-7 mph can you hear the noise from the front end and feel it on the steering wheel? I don't want to waste time taking it in if that is the same issue. Thanks.

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