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    Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

    I'm the same. But then I look at my TSLA holding (which directly paid for all 4 Teslas) and I'm like, it's fine. The company is doing really well and TSLA stock is so undervalued right now that it's comical. Tesla, please fix this vibration issue. But even if you don't, please continue to...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    One last thing: you're showing a graph that says average storage in MONTHS. I drive every day (pretty much) so we are not talking the same thing here. For 99% of the folks, they drive several times a day on average. So your post is only applicable to those that are storing and in that case...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    OK, we all agree. No one is disagreeing. But you have failed to demonstrate how much extra will the battery degrade if one is charging at 90% daily. Is it an extra 5% over 5 years? Is it an extra 10% over 10 years? You don't know the answer to that because there are too many variables at...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    I've now owned 4 Teslas and my own experience with Tesla says different to what you just wrote above. Both my 3 LR AWD and Y Performance lost about 7% in the first year, then they tapered off. My used S P100D had no battery degradation for the duration that I owned it (20K miles) at 8% battery...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Research may indicate that low SoC is better for battery in terms of capacity loss but Tesla's own battery loss is not as severe as other batteries thanks to their Battery Management System/Software. As I said earlier and will repeat: it does not matter at what % you charge at as long as it...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    I wonder if Tesla made any changes since the 2015 model year to rectify said moisture issues? Let's hope so and let's find it out together. I have faith that the battery itself will easily outlast my car ('21 Plaid). But I plan on selling mine once the Cybrertruck arrives LOL.
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Yup. Anecdotally, you and I both could've just had a slightly "better" battery too. Too many variables here. Point is to charge it every night to whatever % you feel right (b/w 70% to 90%) and try to not go down to less than 10%. Supercharge infrequently or when you're on trips. Do NOT...
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    2022 MS LR: Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tires Ok?

    I had the Michelin CC2 in my Model Y Performance. No issues running them all year around.
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    I get that we're all trying to maximize our battery shelf life, but studies performed by the owner of the Tesla "Stats" app said that it doesn't matter at what % you charge to, as long as you're not charging beyond 90% and dropping the SoC to under 10%. Keep it plugged in at 70%, 80%, or 90%...
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Hi there, I find your posts very informative. I'll look into Arnott AS-3380. Did you do all 4 sides? How much was your all-in cost?
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    Ordered MY LR but wanting MYP

    If you factor in resale value, the cost difference b/w a Model Y LR and Model Y Performance is practically nill. Therefore, if you can stomach the extra payments then it's a no-brainer to go with the Performance. Swap out 21"s for 19" and not only will you get similar range as LR but your...
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    Wiki Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    So you're going a bit smaller, I take it? Ride quality with the 255/50/19 is surprisingly very similar to the 275/35/21. They even perform as well as the stock tires. Biggest difference is that i am no longer worries about messing up my rims by going over potholes. LOL.
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    Wiki Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    With stock rims, 255/45/20 would fit according to my tire shop. So you should be good to go! What tires are you planning on buying? In hindsight, I should have gone ahead with 265/45/20 but I wanted even more of a sidewall.
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    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    Well said. But money is always a factor: $10K is a fairly large sum even if you're financially well off. $10K invested in brain-dead low-cost index funds will yield 7% average return over the long run. So if money is a concern, getting LR and then adding the boost is the way to go.
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    Wiki Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    I actually went ahead with 255/50/19 tires with Replika R241 rims. They do fit, but they're a tad bit longer than stock tires.

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