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    2015 Model S Base Audio Package No Sound

    So today Tesla replaced the MCU1 with the MCU2 upgrade and... still no sound from my door or rear speakers. The tech was completely dumbfounded. They gave me a loaner to take home while they charge me $160/hour to continue to diagnose the issue. Based on the wiring diagrams I studied the...
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    2015 Model S Base Audio Package No Sound

    The Tesla service center did the eMMC recall yesterday and attempted to diagnose the speaker issue. Their findings was the built in amplifier in the MCU is faulty and can't be replaced. They recommended doing the MCU2 upgrade for $1500 which I agreed to as I've been wanting to do that upgrade...
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    2015 Model S Base Audio Package No Sound

    I have an appointment at the service center tomorrow for them to diagnose the issue and do the eMMC recall. Will report back.
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    2015 Model S Base Audio Package No Sound

    I have a 2015 RWD Model S with the MCU1 and with the base audio package. Last week all but the center speaker has stopped working. The voice commands still work but there is nothing from the door speakers or rear speakers. I did a lot of research on this issue and have tried just about...
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    Slacker slacking off

    Actually.. I looked closer and the Slacker account is listed as "Plus". That's one tier below Premium. Plus doesn't allow streaming from the car. So the issue is indeed the accounts were downgraded. See attached screenshot.
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    Slacker slacking off

    Yes I've been having the issue for about a week exactly has described. I called Tesla and they said they have been getting lots of similar reports and it's because the Slacker accounts were downgraded to Basic. So I logged into the Slacker account from a web browser with the Tesla credentials...
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    Lexani LX-Twenty Budget Amazon Tires Review

    Just replaced the tires on my 2015 Model S with these super cheap Lexani tires. I had never heard of Lexani and couldn't find much information on them but decided to take the plunge anyway. I ordered them from Amazon with free prime shipping and one of their options was to ship to a Sears for...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Sure, here is the work order for the MCU2 they "accidentally" placed in my MCU1 car. It worked great except the VIN wouldn't come up and it showed the wrong car on the splash screen.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    So the MCU in my AP1 2015 Model S was replaced a few weeks ago with an MCU2. Accidentally. For one day. Yep, my MCU was scheduled to be replaced under warranty and the mobile ranger came out and installed the MCU2 not realizing it was an MCU1 car. And it worked. Sorta. Everything in the car...
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    2015 Tesla Accelerated into a wall

    A few weeks ago I floored my 2015 Model S to merge into traffic and to my surprise it just kept accelerating after I let my foot up off the accelerator. I smashed the brakes and it immediately cut the power and slowed but as soon as I let off the brakes it launched forward again. Somehow I knew...
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    Slacker Radio Tip for New Owners!

    It's interesting Tesla calls it "abuse" when they never said we couldn't log in on other devices. Why else would we be asking for the credentials? I guess I'm one of the abusers as I use it on my laptop and iPhone. My girlfriend hates it though and will just exit out and go to youtube to play...
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    Choosing an insurance company w/a Tesla?

    I started with Progressive at about $750 paid in full for six months of full coverage. After six months they wanted to raise the rate to about $900 for no reason. So I found a start up called Root that offered the same coverage at $720. The catch is they track your driving for a few weeks to see...
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    Used inventory quite low according to ev-cpo

    Looks like the prices are higher than when I purchased six months ago. I paid $41,800 for a 2015 with AP1. Now the average for the same car is $46,000. Great news!
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    EVannex Tesla Model S Center Console Piano Black

    Here are the pictures of the console.

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