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  1. AZMurph

    First Desert Road Trip

    I go to Flag often but with a LR model. In the summer, the car computer is dead on driving around 78-79 mph on I-17. In the winter, it’ll adjust down around 5% or a little more soon after you leave. My advice is to see how the projection holds up from Phoenix to Cordes Junction. If you’re...
  2. AZMurph

    290mi at max charge after 6 months

    Or drive up a hill
  3. AZMurph

    290mi at max charge after 6 months

    I know what you mean, but I use the nav to tell me if I can get there or not on longer trips. The miles projection is based on rated miles and not accurate if you drive faster than the rated wh/mi anyway. It would be great if the car had an option to show you both miles and % at the same...
  4. AZMurph

    Bio Hazard Now Standard on Model Y

    I used it on my X a few times in dusty parking lots and it’s annoyingly loud as you describe. I wouldn’t use it except for special situations.
  5. AZMurph

    Model Y 82kW Battery Pack

    I don’t think you need to scan. Just look at your energy chart in the car and multiply the wh/mi on the left by the range estimate right, then divide by the % battery you have at the time. Mine always comes in around the 78,200 to 78,900 range which would be the usable battery for the 82 kWh...
  6. AZMurph

    First road trip

    I use ABRP to get an idea before going but use the car during the trip. The car is very accurate. If you get different projections split the difference. ABRP takes weather into account. I just took a road trip and ABRP was very conservative until I adjusted the reference consumption to 250...
  7. AZMurph

    290mi at max charge after 6 months

    I agree with the advice to change to the % display in the car. I just did a one time calc of what minimum % I was comfortable with (eg, across town and back + 5%). And then never thought about the range projection again. For daily driving, it doesn’t matter (except maybe that minimum) and for...
  8. AZMurph

    Driving from Seattle area to Mt. Rainer

    What do you use in ABRP for your reference consumption. I just did a road trip from Phoenix to Moab, UT to Denver. Then went Denver to Durango to Phoenix coming back. At first, ABRP was really conservative and way off using the reference consumption it determines itself from the car, but if I...
  9. AZMurph

    Shops for Wheel/Tires Changes?

    Discount Tire is called America’s Tire in some markets.
  10. AZMurph

    Tesla will use camera to monitor driver behavior

    Autopilot is standard. The upgrade is Full Self Driving. If you have a 3 or Y purchased after they made that standard (2019 some time), this effects your car.
  11. AZMurph

    2021 Model Y Tire Options for better ride & range

    I got my AWD Model Y with the Inductions in March. Before ordering I weighed the range vs dark wheel look over and over. Now 3 months in I’m so glad I went with Inductions. I came from a Model X with standard Slipstreams and other than on lumpy interstates where the air suspension makes a...
  12. AZMurph

    Final costs of Tesla Y

    Tesla can tell you the final number for your location. In Arizona, the license and registration is only $90 for 5 years on EVs and the only tax is the city sales tax that is the same you pay at any store (8% for me). That differs from some of the other posts in other locations so you can see...
  13. AZMurph

    Model Y PPF and window tinting options in AZ

    I used Cactus Tint on Raintree in Scottsdale for two cars for 3M tint and Suntek PPF only on front to mirrors. They’re straight forward and can advise you and do nice work. I also recently did tint and PPF on a newer Y at Bulldog Detail in Scottsdale because I was also doing brake caliper...
  14. AZMurph

    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    I got an AWD with 20” Inductions in March, added the acceleration boost and got my brake calipers painted red with white Tesla decals. Instant cheaper performance looking Y with a better ride and all season tires. I like the ride. Feels sporty stiff and fun but I may not be as picky. I only...
  15. AZMurph

    New Model Y has version 2020.47.104

    I also have periodic double speed limits. Must be a bug. I’m just guessing on the 15 and !, that you are in a place that the speed limit is too slow for autopilot to engage. Like a garage?

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